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      Top 10 Reasons You Should Migrate to Magento in 2022

      May 05, 2022

      4 minute read

      When it comes to choosing a platform to build your eCommerce store, it all comes down to three primary factors – flexibility, scalability, and security.

      And while there is no shortage of options for building an eCommerce store, Magento has continued to maintain its lead amongst all the competitors.

      In fact, Magento proves to be one of the most robust, flexible, and scalable open-source eCommerce platforms on the market.

      Statistics reveal that Magento has a market share of 0.8% of all websites, which includes those not using a CMS platform.

      What’s more – it comes equipped with a wide range of features that help build and manage an online store.

      Let’s discuss the top 10 reasons to migrate to Magento in 2022.

      Ready? Let’s dive right in!


      Highly Customizable

      Apart from being an open-source platform, Magento is known to be highly customizable. From using community-developed extensions to integrating your own custom modules, customization in Magento can be achieved in many different ways. It also offers a plethora of custom themes to match your brand image and help you deliver a superior customer experience.

      Faster Loading Speed

      Studies reveal that 79% of web shoppers admit that the poor performance of a website impacts their willingness to purchase from a store again.

      Simply put, if your website fails to load quickly, there are higher chances of losing potential customers.

      Loading speed and performance have a direct and measurable impact on the conversion of your website. Thus, having an eCommerce store that’s optimized for speed and performance is crucial to the success of your online business.

      Regardless of the size of your store, Magento is capable of building high-performance websites with minimal server resources.

      Mobile Responsive

      Studies have indicated that 79% of smartphone users shop more on their mobile devices.

      Hence, it becomes important for eCommerce store owners to ensure that their website is optimized for mobile phones.

      Magento allows you to build responsive eCommerce stores. It has a wide range of responsive themes to choose from that are compatible with all devices and screen resolutions.

      Seamless Multi-Platform Integrations

      Another benefit of Magento that makes it a popular choice is its ability to seamlessly integrate multiple platforms.

      Magento supports multiple third-party software and solutions and thus, can cater to your specific business needs. It has many APIs that let you integrate external payment gateways, Google tools including Google Analytics, database app, CRM, etc.

      SEO Friendly

      Studies have shown that search engines are one of the main sources of driving organic traffic to your website. Thus, it is important to choose an SEO-friendly platform that helps you make your website visible on search engines.

      Magento addresses this problem by providing SEO-friendly built-in features that help rank sites higher in SERPs.

      Some of the SEO features offered by Magento are:

      • Search friendly URLs
      • Sitemaps
      • Layered navigation
      • Product Title
      • Keywords
      • Meta tags
      • Meta descriptions

      Moreover, Magento is up to date with the latest SEO ranking factors. It even lets you keep track of your visitors, and understand their buying behavior using analytics.

      Varnish Caching System

      The function of the caching system is to reduce load time by storing the information of frequently accessed web pages.

      This helps in improving the performance of a website and delivering a seamless customer experience. Besides, it also results in better SEO rankings.

      Magento 2 offers a caching system like Varnish which is an HTTP accelerator and comes built-in with native support.

      Strong Data Encryption

      Security is, without a doubt, a priority for eCommerce sites to provide a safe user experience. This is why Magento is an ideal choice for eCommerce store owners.

      Data Encryption is a security feature provided by Magento that allows businesses to protect passwords and other sensitive information like payment and shipping module passwords. It uses the AES-256 algorithm for encryption.

      The confidential information is then decrypted and the rest of the information is hashed with a robust SHA-256.

      Elasticsearch Technology

      Magento 2 introduced Elasticsearch technology to improve the quality of searches.

      The platform is designed in a way that it can control large catalogs and scale search capacity as the amount of search queries increases.

      This feature can also help with misspellings in search queries as it offers suggestions as well as synonym management through Magento Admin.

      This increases relevance in search, which ultimately results in increased engagement and conversions.

      Streamlined Checkout

      Magento also ensures a faster and streamlined checkout process by

      • Allowing users to register after placing an order instead of during the checkout process.
      • Providing order details during every step of the checkout process.
      • Minimizing form fields.
      • Integrating various payment options.

      Large Developer Community

      Magento is purely community-driven and has an active community of 315,000 developers who provide support, fix existing bugs, add new features, build new extensions, and work on updates. Since Magento is now owned by Adobe, it is backed by the Adobe community engineering team.

      Moreover, it has a stack exchange platform and community forums where many developers and maintainers actively participate in Magento-related discussions.

      To Summarize

      In this blog post, we have elaborated why eCommerce store owners should consider migrating to Magento.

      From flexibility to multitasking, and superior support to active communities, Magento ticks all the boxes.

      Need Assistance with Magento Migration? Contact Us!

      Our experienced eCommerce professionals can help you migrate your eCommerce store to Magento without data loss. To know more about our services, drop a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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