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      What Makes Drupal the Right Choice for the Healthcare Industry?

      Nov 26, 2019

      2 minute read

      While a country may have the best infrastructure and the best doctors, what pulls back the healthcare industry is the technical lag when it comes to web technology.

      Drupal is considered one of the most extensible and secure content management system (CMS) in the healthcare sector.

      But, what is it about Drupal that leading health organizations choose this platform? How has Drupal evolved to help healthcare? Let’s find out in this blog post!


      Customizable and personalized

      Being an open and free source CMS, Drupal comes with thousands of modules and themes. This gives you the flexibility to customize it according to your business requirements. It also has the capability to deliver personalized data to patients and physicians online.

      Integration with third-party apps

      Drupal is a real powerhouse when it comes to third-party integrations.

      Integrating Drupal with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, can prove to be beneficial as it protects data and prevents duplicacy of content.

      It helps share information with patients in a secure manner that helps efficiently reduce errors and diagnose patients.

      Multilingual capabilities

      With medical tourism getting popular, your website needs to be able to deliver multilingual content targeted to specific geographic locales.

      Drupal provides healthcare websites with a better scope of communication with the patients. It offers 4 easy modules to translate the website into more than 94 languages and also helps you develop custom languages that are not available in Drupal.

      Did you know? Drupal 8 is packed with multiple features! To know how it is beneficial for your business, read our blog.

      Drupal is secure

      According to HIPAA Journal, the industry experienced about 2,181 healthcare data breaches (2009-2017) involving more than 500 records.

      Hospitals store humongous amounts of data and digital assets. Since Drupal is known to be popular for its secure and robust performance, it proves to be the chosen platform for the healthcare industry.

      Mobile-first design

      With 61.2% of the population involved in using mobiles and tablets in the US, it is important for your business to have a medical-based website with all the relevant information.

      Drupal, when incorporated with mobile-friendly themes, works well for almost all devices to provide a better mobile experience. It enables healthcare organizations to maintain records, set up online profiles, and more.

      Changes in workflow

      Since Drupal is a highly flexible platform, it can conform to any workflow with minimal configurations. It supports a configurable workflow system that can be programmed and administratively overwritten.

      To sum up

      Drupal is an open-source CMS, flexible, and robust. Given its wide array of features, it is the right choice for the healthcare sector.

      Want more information about Drupal Services?

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