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      Why Deduping in Marketo Is Not Enough?

      May 06, 2019

      3 minute read

      You must be wondering why opt for an automated dedupe solution when Marketo offers deduplication?

      Marketo’s deduplication feature comes with a lot of manual work. It doesn’t let you configure and define the criteria to dedupe your leads, which undoubtedly makes deduping leads a tedious task and takes up a lot of time.

      Though Marketo dedupes leads based on email address automatically, but only when they are entered into Marketo from:

      • Marketo Forms
      • List Import
      • Direct generation through APIs
      • Directly in Marketo database

      Also, there are some conditions to be considered in Marketo:

      – Your sales team may end up creating dupes as Marketo will not dedupe records in CRM

      – Clean up your database before implementing Marketo, because the platform will not dedupe existing records on the first sync

      – Marketo will not append the records you actually want to append. If there are duplicate email addresses, it will choose the most recently updated record to append. Thus, leaving no choice for you to append on the basis of either the oldest created date or the recently created date.


      Gospel Truth: In Marketo and your CRM, you can merge records manually, but not automatically.

      But don’t worry, M-Clean is here—a real-time dedupe app for Marketo and your CRM (Salesforce/MS Dynamics).

      M-Clean comes with a full package of configuration rules which can be applied to merge and dedupe leads, as your business requirements permit. Let’s take a look at the configuration rules which M-Clean offers:

      1. Set M-Clean Mode: Decide on the mode in which you want leads to be deduped, as M-Clean can be seamlessly integrated with Marketo and your CRM. For example, you can:

      a. Merge duplicates in Marketo and CRM (Salesforce/MS Dynamics)
      b. Merge duplicates in Marketo only


      2. Select Duplicate Lead Criteria: Define the deduping criteria—the same email address and different name and company name, or the same email address and the company name but different names, whichever suits your business needs.

      Dedupe Criteria

      3. Identify Winning Record: As your business permits, identify the winning criteria for merging leads. You can merge the records on the basis of time as well. You can choose from three options:

      a. Record with the oldest created date
      b. Record which was most recently created
      c. Record which was most recently updated

      Winning Record

      4. Customize Field Append Settings: Append the winning record by further configuring the string, text, integer, and the date and time fields to get the most accurate duplicate record.

      Field Append Settings

      M-Clean also comes with a fuzzy matching feature, a generated live dedupe report, and can be set up in a jiffy! If you want to accelerate your sales and marketing efforts, give M-Clean a try for free.

      Request a Free Demo

      Bid adieu to your duplicate leads data with M-Clean and welcome a clean Marketo and CRM database to rock your sales and marketing efforts. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] or Request a Free Demo and we’ll take it from there.

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