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      Why is Shopify Plus the Best Fit for Your eCommerce Business?

      Jun 19, 2020

      3 minute read

      Online merchants have a lot of concerns to juggle beyond just revenue and customer acquisition when trying to choose an eCommerce platform.

      However, the most common eCommerce problems that need to be addressed include:

      • Omnichannel integration
      • Customer engagement and retention
      • SEO
      • Growth and scalability
      • Conversion optimization
      • Security and more.

      That’s where Shopify Plus comes in. Developed by Shopify experts to meet high volume business requirements, Shopify Plus is an ideal solution for large and growing online stores.

      In our blog post, we talk about the exceptional functionalities of Shopify Plus and how it could be the best platform for your online business.

      What is Shopify Plus and why should you go for it?

      Shopify Plus is a fully hosted enterprise eCommerce platform designed for high growth merchants and brands. While Shopify is built for small to medium-sized enterprises, Shopify Plus caters to large businesses. According to recent figures, the eCommerce platform has a 126% year-over-year average growth for Shopify Plus merchants.

      Shopify Plus has professionally built, advanced apps. It also includes additional API calls, SDK’s, and exclusive deals on the App Store. What’s more, you can integrate your store with the accounting, CRM, and ERP software of your choice, making it a perfect eCommerce platform for your business.

      Shopify Plus

      What does Shopify Plus offer?

      Shopify Plus caters to added functionalities, as well as entirely new ones.

      • 99.97% uptime
      • Unlimited products
      • Highly scalable and dependable SaaS-based eCommerce platform
      • Priority customer support
      • Run custom domain checkout
      • Fully dedicated technical support and account management

      Why Should You Move to Shopify Plus?

      Discount functionality:

      Shopify Plus helps you generate different discount codes for free shipping deals, product bundles, tiered pricing and more. You can segment the collections, products or variants that are on discount–according to the duration/date and the code validity. This way, you can create customized business logics for your eCommerce stores.

      Big volume orders per minute

      Many eCommerce stores fail when it comes to handling huge traffic spikes during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, flash sales, etc. With Shopify Plus, you could deal with enterprise-level traffic without any hassle. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of sales volume, products, or bandwidth that your store needs to deal with due to high demand.

      Advanced security

      Shopify Plus offers you Level 1 PCI DSS compliance throughout the platform which means that the security burden is on Shopify. What’s more, you also receive dedicated SSL certificates throughout the entire shopper experience.

      Vast integrations

      Shopify Plus is revered for its capability to integrate easily with a number of platforms. It also has an extensive app marketplace with an array of Shopify Plus apps to enrich the shopping experiences of your customers.

      Key Takeaway

      With such amazing features, Shopify Plus emerges as one of the best choices for eCommerce store development. The requirements of enterprise consumers are often a little different from others as they look for better business capabilities along with an improved customer experience.

      From zero transaction fees to enhanced discount facility and multi-currency payments, Shopify Plus offers everything that your online business needs to run a full volume store. Therefore, entrepreneurs can have their online stores created in this platform or have already existing ones migrated to it with the help of professionals.

      Get Your Supercharged eCommerce Store Today!

      Grazitti’s team of eCommerce development experts can help you with Shopify Plus customization, integration, site migration, themes, as well as maintenance. Organizations such as Old Mill Brick, Kornferry, MariaDB, Centrify, LeadMD, and others trust us with their online store development needs. For more information about our services, reach out to us at [email protected].

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