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      WordPress-Marketo Connector

      WordPress Marketo Integration: How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

      Nov 05, 2018

      3 minute read

      “The reality is the best marketers are using both inbound marketing and marketing automation together, and they are getting great returns.” – Greg Head, CMO of InfusionSoft

      WordPress comes with a rich library of plugins and modules. The CMS simplifies building and customizing websites. No wonder it is the most popular and the most effective content management system.

      The keyword “WordPress” gets googled around 2.8 million times every month. The newest version is getting downloaded roughly 1 MILLION times every two days.

      Marketers love WordPress for the numerous third-party integrations it provides, especially the integration flexibility with marketing automation platforms.


      Did you know that you can reap sundry benefits by integrating your WordPress website with Marketo (that is, your marketing automation tool)?

      If you are not sure why you need to integrate your website with Marketo, it’s time for some pondering. Let’s discuss some Whys and Whats of it along with its implications, results, and benefits.

      Yes, you can choose to use your WordPress website as a standalone CMS tool to publish content and boost conversions. Also, your marketing automation tool on its own can help you send automated marketing emails to your customers. However, to get the most out of the two, you need to create a synergy between both.

      Integrating the two platforms ensures overall success from your marketing efforts, let alone optimization of user experience. This is because:

      • You integrate two platforms but receive more than their capabilities combined

      While your CMS revolves around content and acts as your inbound marketing platform, your marketing automation platform measures how people reach this content and the impact it makes. Integrating the two, you improve your website’s overall performance.

      • You convert your website into a marketing agent

      Your website is already an expert at engaging prospects and capturing leads. When marketing automation is added to it, your website is able to track user information in real time. Therefore, your marketing team can create a list of qualified leads and extend it to sales.

      • You not only attract but also understand your customers

      Luckily, we’ve got SEO capabilities with WordPress. Combine this with marketing automation, and your marketing improves to attract more relevant prospects to your site. That, and you can analyze who these prospects are, and how likely they’ll convert.

      • You market across all channels

      Successful marketing happens when you are present on all channels that your prospects use. When your website is integrated with Marketo, you can deliver a consistent & personalized messaging to them and enhance their experience across different channels.

      Almost 70% respondents of a survey find that improved targeting of messages is the most important benefit of marketing automation.

      Marketers keep the following objectives in mind when creating a marketing automation strategy:

      • Optimizing productivity
      • Multiplying ROI
      • Improving campaign management
      • Enhancing database quality
      • Acquiring more customers
      • Measuring performance
      • Aligning marketing and sales

      How does the integration of WordPress with Marketo help?

      • Targeted messaging
      • Improved user experience
      • Qualified lead capturing
      • Increased leads
      • Higher website efficiency
      • Better ROI
      • Elevated web traffic
      • Increased subscriptions
      • Reduced human errors
      • Less duplicate data

      And wouldn’t you feel a bit more relieved that while your marketing is automated, you also get to automate other processes such as sending newsletters, increasing subscriptions, and multiplying ROI?

      What if we tell you that we have a quick solution to integrate your WordPress with Marketo. We have done it for our customers via Grazitti’s WordPress Marketo Integration Connector.

      How can Grazitti’s WordPress Marketo Integration Connector help you?

      • Fetch and track user information in real time
      • Send automated email notifications to your customers
      • Pre-fill forms and improve user experience
      • Increase website conversions
      • Automate processes such as creating and sending newsletters
      • Boost subscription rate
      • Increase ROI

      Integrate Your Website with Your Marketing Automation Platform Now! Get in Touch.

      At Grazitti, we have an ardent team of professionals who have helped our several renowned customers integrate their WordPress website with Marketo. Our custom WordPress Marketo integration connector is an ideal solution for you to maximize your investment while improving your customer relationships. Get started with the connector with this quick demo. Or send us an email at [email protected]

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