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      M-Clean: The Solution to Combat Duplicate Data in Marketo

      Jul 04, 2022

      4 minute read

      Data is the key ingredient for every business’s success. It gives your teams the insights they need to make informed decisions.

      And, if you use Marketo as your marketing automation platform and Salesforce/MS Dynamic as your CRM, you’re all equipped to deliver stellar customer experiences and drive exceptional business growth.

      However, if your database is packed with bad data, it results in database overload and can hike your subscription fees per year.

      So, how do you get rid of duplicate data, make your database squeaky clean, and lower your subscription costs?

      Enter – M-Clean! A real-time dedupe app for Marketo.

      If you’re a Marketo user and use Salesforce, or MS Dynamics CRM, keep on reading this blog post to know how you can deduplicate and detoxify your database with M-Clean.

      We’ll also talk about how duplicate data impacts your marketing initiatives and how deduplication can streamline your sales and marketing efforts.

      Impact of Duplicate Data on Your Marketing Operations

      Data fuels insights, unless it’s wrong!

      Duplicate data can befoul database quality, bring down marketing efforts, and get heavy on the pocket, if left untreated. Here’s how duplicates impact your marketing operations.


      1. Lack of Single Customer View:

      The objective of your MarTech stack is to provide you with a single customer view so that you can know, manage, and engage your customers. If you have duplicate customer records in your database, you’ll never have a clear understanding of your customer’s journey. If you can’t tie your communication and transactions to a single customer, you won’t be able to deliver what customers expect.

      2. Inaccurate Lead Scoring:

      For marketing teams, the prime goal is to send quality leads to the sales team. Leads sourced from duplicate data will greatly skew results, making for inaccurate quarterly planning of marketing campaigns, and hamper lead conversion.

      3. Ineffective Lead Assignment/ Routing:

      Duplicate records can be assigned to multiple sales reps, causing confusion in the sales team and a poor customer experience. Also, it can cause slower routing, preventing some leads from qualifying for sales.

      4. Increase Costs:

      When you have duplicates, you drive up storage costs. It’s not just storage costs, though, it can also hurt your marketing efforts with it. For instance, you might pay more for the design, development, and delivery costs of products (Brochures, books, cards, etc.) to the same recipient multiple times.

      5. Hinder Personalization:

      It’s no secret that customers expect personalization. Duplicate data can lead to inaccurate personalization. For instance, you have two records for the same customer, one could be from when they first discovered your brand and one from when they were considering making a purchase from you. And the key to success with personalization is that you want to deliver different messages to customers as per their stage in the buying cycle. And when you have duplicate data, it can truly throw a wrench in that effort.

      The Importance of Deduping Data to Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

      Now that we’ve established how bad data can impact your marketing operations, let’s take a quick look at how deduplication of data can help you streamline your marketing efforts. It can help you:

      • Provide clean and reliable data to make informed decisions
      • Effectively segment leads & prospects to provide personalized customer experiences
      • Improve lead scoring and routing
      • Reduce overall cost of data storage and maintenance

      Why M-Clean is the Solution for a Clean Marketo Database?

      Grazitti’s M-Clean is a powerful dedupe solution that easily merges your duplicate data in Marketo Engage and CRMs (Salesforce/MS Dynamics) automatically and amplifies the performance of your marketing campaigns.

      Here are the features of M-Clean that help you deal with duplicates.

      1. Merge Existing Duplicate Records:

      M-Clean helps you merge duplicate records that can be created in different ways inside Marketo. You can set custom rules to identify the winning records. Besides, merging the existing duplicate records in your CRM, it also prevents the creation of new duplicate records in real-time.


      2. Allow to Set Custom Dedupe Rules:

      Not all duplicate records harm your marketing efforts. There are cases when multiple records exist with a common email address, and you’d want to maintain different records for them in your system. M-Clean allows you to:

      Identify winning records and select how data should be updated in the custom fields.
      Define dedupe criteria-the same email address and different name and company name, or the same email address and the company name but different names, whichever suits your business requirements.


      3. Allows to Configure the Field Data:

      Based on your specific requirement, you can configure field data like string, text, integer, date & time to get the most accurate duplicate records.

      4. Provides Real-Time Data Insights and Reports:

      With M-Clean, you can view the history of the merged records (how many duplicate records were found and how many of them were merged) using the live de-dupe report feature anytime.


      The Bottom Line

      M-Clean is an effective solution to wipe out duplicates from your Marketo database, power your marketing operations, boost the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, and drive better ROI.

      Want to Say Goodbye to Duplicates in Your Database? Schedule a Demo!

      Get rid of duplicate data with M-Clean and power your Marketo and CRM database to boost your marketing and sales efforts. Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

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