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      Streamline Data Management With Marketo Deduplication

      Nov 09, 2023

      4 minute read

      In the digital realm, data is the goldmine that fuels your success.

      The more data you have, the more your chances of success in the ever-evolving digital world.

      However, there is another reality to a growing database – duplicates.

      Duplicates are bad data that botch your database by representing the same records in multiple ways. This introduces inconsistencies in your system, thereby, reducing operational efficiency and increasing license costs.

      If you are a Marketo and/or Salesforce/MS Dynamics user struggling with a database with duplicate data, you are at the right place.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can get rid of duplicate data in your system quickly with our custom dedupe solution, M-Clean.

      How to Combat Data Duplication?

      Data duplication occurs due to several reasons, such as manual data entry errors, outdated or incomplete data, integration issues, and lack of regular maintenance. As your database expands, it becomes increasingly challenging to prevent duplicates.

      While Marketo, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics have their own built-in deduplication features, they are not enough for most organizations.

      To ensure a squeaky-clean database for your business, you need a powerful dedupe solution that not only eliminates existing duplicates but also prevents real-time duplication.

      This is where M-Clean comes into the picture.

      M-Clean is a custom Marketo and Salesforce/MS Dynamics deduplication tool by Grazitti Interactive.

      It automatically merges duplicate records in your Marketo Engage and CRM while avoiding the creation of new ones.

      This helps ensure data accuracy and consistency and also amplifies your marketing processes.

      But that’s not it.

      M-Clean allows you to define custom dedupe criteria to select how data should be updated. This lets you streamline data management as per your unique business requirements.

      How Does M-Clean Work?

      Implementing M-Clean in Marketo helps you compare and combine records from Marketo and Salesforce/MS Dynamics. It prevents the transfer of duplicates to your CRM and ensures merged records are synchronized in Marketo as well.

      Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of how it works.

      Step 1

      Firstly, you need to set up a user in Marketo. To do so, log into Marketo and visit the admin section.

      Now, create an API user and get REST API details from your Marketo instance.

      Step 2

      Login in M-Clean and add integration API details. You’ll need admin access to your Marketo instance to obtain these.

      Step 3

      Select the configuration rules after setting up a connection between Marketo and M-Clean. Here, you need to the Set M-Clean Mode option to choose the deduping configuration mode.

      Step 4

      The next step is Duplicate Lead Criteria wherein you can select an option to identify duplicate leads in your database. This can be on the basis of email address, full name, company name, or any other combination as per your business requirements.

      Step 5

      This involves the Identify Winning Record feature which has a pre-defined and secondary option.

      You can choose from the following options to select the winning record:

      • Record with the oldest created date
      • Record which was created recently
      • Record which was updated recently

      Step 6

      This involves Customize Field Append Settings. Here, you will find 4 types of custom field settings:

      • String
      • Text
      • Integer
      • Date & Time

      Some of these datasets offer more options.

      It’s important to remember that the winning record is in accordance with the user selection criteria.

      There’s no need to select all fields. You can select the required custom fields to keep data in the winning record.

      Marketo Deduplication

      Best Practices of Data Deduplication

      Accuracy is paramount to deduplication. Here are some best practices to ensure your Marketo deduplication is error-free and effective.

      Marketo Deduplication

      1. Maintain Records of Modifications

      Documenting all data modifications during deduplication will help you maintain transparency and accountability. You will be able to create a trail of actions that can be referred to in case of discrepancies or need of historical data.

      2. Oversee Data Maintenance

      Deduplication is an ongoing process that requires your attention. Set up alerts or triggers that notify you when potential duplicates are detected in real-time or on a regular basis. This helps you address duplication issues as they arise and maintain the quality of your data.

      3. Evaluate & Update Deduplication Strategy

      Regularly assess the effectiveness of your existing deduplication methods and guidelines. This might involve fine-tuning matching criteria, updating automated deduplication rules, etc., to align with the changing needs of your organization.

      The Bottom Line

      M-Clean is a game changer in dealing with duplicate records in Marketo, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics. Within minutes of its implementation, you can effectively eliminate duplicates from your database and enhance your data management, leading to improved data quality and real-time insights.

      Fuel Your Business Productivity and Drive Higher ROI With M-Clean! Talk to Us.

      Our in-house dedupe solution can help you keep your database clean and optimize your sales and marketing efforts seamlessly. To know more about it, book a free demo or reach out to us at [email protected].

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