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      Boost Your Social Media Strategy With Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

      Feb 07, 2024

      5 minute read

      As we roll into 2024, it’s fascinating to note that a whopping 4.89 billion people worldwide are spending an average of 151 minutes every day on social media(i).

      That’s right – social media has become ‘THE’ go-to platform in modern marketing strategies, connecting brands with their target audience, boosting brand recognition, and driving traffic to their websites.

      However, the multifaceted role of social media within the marketing lifecycle can pose challenges in achieving the desired ROI.

      It can be due to the need to attribute value accurately across various stages of the marketing funnel.

      That’s where you need Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, (formerly known as Pardot)!

      Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Account Engagement) empowers marketers to streamline their social media efforts and establish connections between social media posts and first-touch marketing attribution. This is especially valuable when marketers need to identify how their campaigns directly benefit the company’s bottom line.

      In this blog post, we’ll discover how Marketing Cloud Account Engagement can help you streamline your social media marketing efforts and boost engagement.

      Benefits of Using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement for Social Media

      Account Engagement equips marketers with social media tools to build strong connections, increase leads, and empower sales. Here’s how Account Engagement helps you to boost your social media marketing efforts.

      Account Engagement for Social Media

      Get a Better Understanding of Your Audience

      Account Engagement helps you track what your potential customers are doing on social media and on your website, giving you a more detailed understanding of your target audience. You can match your prospects’ social media profiles with their web sessions, filling in gaps in your knowledge about their digital behavior.

      Monitor the Impact of Your Social Media Campaigns

      By categorizing your posts into campaigns, you can easily identify how effectively they are reaching your target audience and the extent of their exposure across various communication channels. As a result, you can streamline the process of assessing the performance of your social media marketing efforts.

      Automate Relevant & Timely Actions

      With Account Engagement’s Page Actions, you can set up automatic responses when prospects visit particular pages on your website. For example, if a prospect views a product page, you can configure Account Engagement to send an automatic follow-up email, adjust their lead score, or create a task for a sales representative to reach out.

      Track Prospect Behavior

      Account Engagement’s Custom Redirect feature allows you to actively guide your prospects to specific content and monitor how they interact with it. If a prospect clicks on one of these links, you can set up automated actions to influence their behavior.

      How to Leverage Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to Amp Up Your Social Media Posts

      Account Engagement helps you to continuously monitor the performance of your social media posts and make data-driven adjustments, maximizing engagement and conversions.

      Check out how Account Engagement can help boost your social media posts for more impact and better engagement.

      Enhancing Social Post Tracking With UTM

      UTM parameters help identify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, showing which marketing channels, campaigns, and content drive the most traffic and conversions. This data is sent to Google Analytics when someone clicks a link with UTM parameters.

      When your Account Engagement and Google Analytics accounts are linked, you can use the UTM data in your Analytics reports. You can also connect this data to your Analytics events and goals to better track how well your campaigns are doing.

      Since this data is saved in Account Engagement, you can use it to find out which potential customers came from specific promotions. This means you can put these people on a special list and send them emails that are more likely to get them to engage or convert.

      Identifying High-Quality Leads With Lead Scoring

      Account Engagement allows you to assign scores to your leads based on their interactions with your marketing campaigns. You can customize your lead scoring settings in Account Engagement to assign scores for social media post clicks.

      Simply navigate to Account Engagement settings to assign a score of your choice. By default, social message clicks receive 0 points.

      Empowering Sales With Social Engagement Insights

      Account Engagement offers Engagement History, which records all prospect activities in the Account Engagement database such as emails sent, forms submitted, and page visits. This information can be added to Salesforce page layouts to provide sales representatives with a comprehensive view of prospect interactions.

      Social message clicks are included in Engagement history, showing sales teams which social messages their leads engaged with and when. This knowledge helps guide conversations with leads.

      Streamlining Marketing Planning With Account Engagement’s Calendar

      Account Engagement’s Marketing Calendar, accessible from the Account Engagement Dashboard displays scheduled emails, social media posts, and manually added events. It serves as a planning tool for content marketers, offering an overview of past and upcoming content releases.

      Managing Social Media Posts With Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Connectors

      You can schedule and share updates on your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts and business pages by using Account Engagement connectors. Each connector can be configured to collect data on link clicks, replies, comments, retweets, and likes. Moreover, you can track who clicked on your post links, see which social media channels received the most clicks, and monitor changes in engagement over time. The clicks on social media posts are recorded as activities by potential leads in their individual profiles.

      Here are some important points to remember while using social posting in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

      • You can disable automatic cross-posting between your social media accounts. For instance, if your Facebook posts automatically appear on Twitter, disconnect them and set up separate connectors.
      • You can create as many social posting connectors as you need.
      • Make sure the character limits for social posts are 4,000 for Facebook, 700 for LinkedIn, and 280 for Twitter.
      • When you post messages, the links are automatically rewritten to be unique.

      Now, let’s check out the social media connectors available in Account Engagement.

      • Add the Facebook connector to post to the Facebook pages and track engagement. You can add up to 25 connectors for your business pages.
      • To monitor prospect engagement with your content on Twitter, add the Twitter connector.
      • The LinkedIn Social Posting Connector is used for posting to individual accounts and company pages, but not LinkedIn Groups. You can select your posting destination during setup, and there’s no limit to how many LinkedIn social posting connectors you can create.

      With Account Engagement’s social posting tools at your disposal, you can efficiently manage and publish content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


      Leveraging Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to enhance your social media posts is a strategic move that can transform your digital marketing efforts.

      You can easily post to multiple accounts, keep track of scheduled posts, monitor prospect activity, incorporate social engagement into your scoring strategy, and measure your social marketing ROI. This will help you to take your social media marketing to new heights, drive engagement, and achieve tangible results.

      Ready to Supercharge Your Social Media Posts With Account Engagement? Talk to Us!

      If you’re looking to optimize your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement instance to drive better results, check out our Account Engagement services here. Should you want to know more, just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

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