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      4 Reasons to Incorporate Explainer Videos in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

      Oct 26, 2021

      4 minute read

      “Video informs and entertains people and, good or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text” -Lisa Lubin

      Video content is one ideal medium to capture the 8-second attention span of humans. With video content being the most effective form of marketing in 2020, B2B organizations can leverage this tactic by curating eye-catching explainer videos and gaining a competitive advantage.

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      Statistics show that 92% of marketers agree that video marketing is an integral part of their marketing strategy. Another research projected that people would spend almost 100 minutes per day binge-watching videos in 2021.

      The numbers above signify that making explainer video content a part of your marketing strategy can reap the desired results and help generate ROI.

      But how? Let’s find out.

      What Are B2B Explainer Videos?


      B2B explainer videos empower businesses to tell the target audience about the offered services, products, and functionalities in a unique and time-efficient way.

      Explainer videos are great when a brand has to introduce a specific product or service in the market and capture user interest.

      Companies can greatly benefit by using B2B explainer videos as these can be used as a tool to derive customer engagement, create an online presence, boost conversions, and influence the audience.

      4 Reasons to Add B2B Explainer Videos to Your Marketing Strategy

      Video marketing has become a popular method of grabbing the potential customer’s attention. However, many marketers still refrain from making explainer videos a key element of their marketing strategy.

      Here is a checklist that tells why organizations should add B2B videos to their marketing initiatives.

      1. Keeps the audience interested and engaged: Brands can develop an emotional connect with the viewers and keep them interested throughout their buying journey via video content. Using interactive elements such as animations, GIFs, etc. can be your key to engage with your customers better and break complex information into digestible bits.

      2. Helps Establish brand identity: According to a study, video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness. Explainer videos are ideal when it comes to carving an impression on the users and familiarizing them with your brand’s personality. Users should be able to discover your brand, and for that offering them something that adds value to their business is a must. Explainer videos empower you to make your brand more identifiable and convey a message that’s impactful.

      3. Fuels marketing efforts to create an online presence: Video content can help brands improve their website rankings and achieve marketing efficiency. Explainer videos are an excellent tool to keep visitors hooked to the website for longer and resonate better with the brand. This, in turn, boosts SEO and engagement.

      4. Wins customer loyalty with a concise explanation: The informed user today is always looking for information that is easy to understand and highlights the benefits of purchasing a service/product. Brands can demonstrate complex product functionalities easily to the users via visual play and assure them that they’re here to help. Not only will this empower brands to achieve consumer trust, but will also get them repeat business.

      B2B explainer videos are an excellent tool to garner user’s attention in areas where textual content falls short. Explainer videos will not only increase your brand’s visibility across multiple channels, but it will also enable you to boost sales and convert better.

      How Can Organizations Use B2B Explainer Videos to Their Advantage?

      Research suggests that 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI. B2B explainer videos are ideal for attracting TOFU (Top-of-the-tunnel) audience. Through these videos, brands can address problems being faced by the customers and inform them about new services, products, and offers.

      To leverage B2B explainer videos, brands must:

      • Keep the messaging precise: Refrain from adding information that is not required. Keep the messaging short and to the point.
      • Prepare unique video content: Animation in combination with the right color palette will make the video content unique and eye-catching. Choosing colors that define your brand is a great idea.

      • Focus on the right audience: It is very important to keep the target audience in mind when preparing a B2B explainer video. Prospects should be able to resonate with the message in order to become potential leads. Ensure that the video message addresses their needs.

      With explainer videos, marketers can convey complex messages to the audience in a simpler way. Through these videos, the target audience can obtain a sneak peek into the working of a product or service and understand how a specific product is integral to their business process.

      B2B explainer videos are a versatile tool to educate prospects and customers about your brand’s services and products in a unique and straightforward way. Highly shareable, these videos not only improve engagement metrics but also help build brand identity. When done correctly, these videos can garner the attention of the target audience and convert them into potential customers.

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