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      Overcoming the Limitations of Analytics on Excel With Alteryx

      Nov 19, 2020

      2 minute read

      Data analysts are working with larger and increasing numbers of datasets than ever before.

      Did you know that data workers spend seven hours a week (on average), manually updating formulas, pivot tables, and cell & sheet references?

      While Microsoft Excel helps you address a range of ad hoc tasks, it doesn’t really fulfill the data blending and advanced analytics needs of today.

      In this blog post, we look at the limitations of data analytics in Excel, and how you can overcome them with Alteryx.

      So, let’s get started!

      Overcoming the Challenges Involved in Microsoft Excel with Alteryx

      Let’s look at the limitations of performing effective data analytics in Microsoft Excel, and how Alteryx helps you overcome these challenges.

      Overcoming the Limitations of Analytics on Excel With Alteryx


      Data analysts often need to produce the same reports and tasks in a repetitive manner.

      While you can automate this process to some extent, you may need to create macros and intervene manually.

      Alteryx enables you to create, modify, and enhance workflows whenever you need to to update or analyze them in future.

      Manual Data Processing

      Managing multiple cross-updating spreadsheets, as well as tabs within spreadsheets that are linked by VLOOKUPs and other functions, can be difficult.

      With Alteryx, you don’t need to manage multiple Excel files, open multiple windows, and construct complex VLOOKUP or join commands.

      Alteryx workflows enable you to watch every step, function, filter, join, and select, as your data progresses.

      Access and blend multiple types of data, as well as that from a range of sources with user-friendly drag-and-drop tools.

      At Grazitti, we know just how important it is to be able to make business decisions with data-driven insights.

      Get smarter insights for smarter decision-making!


      Dealing with incorrect, as well as incomplete data-sets can also be difficult since your ability to cleanse, restructure, and reformat data is limited.

      With Alteryx Designer, you get access to an unlimited capacity to process any data type.

      Alteryx also has connectors pre-built to enable you to integrate a wide range of data sources.

      Load different types of files quickly, clean data, and structure it as per your requirements.

      Data Analytics

      You are often required to give actionable and timely insights by analyzing a combination of geospatial data, predictive models, as well as data visualizations.

      It can be a struggle to find the appropriate functions in Excel to do this.

      With Alteryx, you can explore data, carry out in-depth data blending, as well as advanced analytics.

      Wrapping Up

      In this blog post, we looked at the limitations of data analytics in Excel, and how you can overcome them with Alteryx.

      The data analytics platform combines the best of data blending, analytics, and reporting with more than 60 in-built tools to help you power business decisions with data-driven insights.

      Overcome the Limitations of Analytics on Excel With Alteryx

      At Grazitti, the data analytics team is dedicated to helping you drive decision-making with insights from Alteryx-powered analytics.

      Get started today!

      Should you want to know more, simply write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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