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      4 Key Reasons to Integrate Your Community Activity With Your CRM

      May 09, 2023

      3 minute read

      Do you know, businesses that lead in customer experience outperform others by nearly 80%[i]?

      This stat proves that exceptional customer experience delivery is pivotal to keeping businesses afloat.

      So, how do you ensure positive experiences for your customers? Through a secure, seamlessly integrated business tech stack.

      In 2022, more than 58%[ii] of businesses have integrated their online community and CRM for various reasons.

      Let’s take a look at the 4 key reasons to integrate community and CRM platforms, and how a custom solution makes this integration happen with utmost ease.


      360-Degree View of Customer Activity

      Data is the most invaluable asset for any business. The reason? It gives you meaningful insights into your customer’s pain points, interests, and priorities. And you can leverage customer intimacy as your most powerful source of competitive advantage.

      But where do you get all this data? Through online communities. The majority of organizations make the mistake of overlooking the abundance of customer data available in their community. Others just don’t have the right tools to leverage that data. But, integrating your community and CRM can be a great way to learn about your customers. You can see what topics interest them, the problems they’re facing, and the forum sections they visit frequently. Based on their activities, you can tailor your content or product suggestions to cater to their specific needs. As a result, you increase your CSAT (customer satisfaction).

      Single Sign-Ups for Multiple Platforms

      Your business might have a presence on more than one platform. For instance, you might have a community where your customers can engage in conversations about your products and services. And you can also have a dedicated platform to provide expert assistance to your customers. However, it can get frustrating when your customers have to sign up for every platform separately. It is anything but user-friendly.

      That’s where integration comes into play. Not only does it eliminate the need for separate sign-ups, but also offers a convenient, user-friendly experience.

      Increased Employee Productivity

      Manually catering to your customers’ needs can be exhausting. You need to go through their purchase history and behavior to understand their expectations and then make offers accordingly.

      What if we tell you that there’s a way to automate this process? And, you guessed it right. Integration between your community and CRM can enable you to leverage your customer’s purchase history the right way. You can automatically set permissions based on their purchase history and membership levels.

      With integration in place, your employees don’t have to redirect your customers to the relevant forums. Instead, they’ll instantly have access to the most valuable content and conversations catering to their needs. Your staff, on the other hand, can focus on other business-oriented tasks to foster deeper relations with customers.

      Streamlined Business Processes

      CRM integration can prove to be incredibly valuable for a business’s overall processes. Tracking business activities ensures that every customer is heard, and necessary strategies are curated to meet their expectations. Sales, product development, and support staff can immensely benefit from the data received from increased customer engagement.


      Integrating your community activity with CRM empowers businesses to serve their customers better while achieving their business goals. Moreover, they can get a 360-degree view of their customers and activities happening in the community with advanced tools. CRM integration also aids in conducting a comprehensive performance analysis leading to better conversions.

      Make Your Community-CRM Integration a Breeze With KaseSync

      Now that you understand the reasons for integrating community and CRM, the next big question is how to do it. While there is an abundance of utilities available, KaseSync stands out from them. It offers seamless bi-directional community and CRM software integration. Equipped with out-of-the-box use cases, KaseSync can enable businesses with accelerated support delivery and superior CX.

      Wish to Streamline Your Community and CRM Activity Seamlessly? Book a Demo!

      KaseSync is designed to enable effective community-CRM integration for flawless data syncing and increased productivity. To learn more about KaseSync, write us at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.


      [i] Forrester Study: Economic Impact of Qualtrics CustomerXM
      [ii] Analyzing Online Community Stats: 44 Takeaways for 2021 – Higher Logic

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