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      Landing Page

      Demystifying the 4 Elements of Landing Pages that Convert

      Dec 20, 2012

      3 minute read

      Landing pages are your action pages. You make or break your relationship with your potential leads and current customers with the quality of your landing page. And while you can’t design landing pages by numbers, you can surely take care of the essentials so that you are not off the trajectory. Here are 4 elements that make up a landing page and things to keep in mind to ensure together they work the purpose they have been created for:


      Design evokes emotions and humans are driven by emotions. When working on the landing page design ensure you have

      • Intuitive design: colors, content structure, layout all work together to emphasize the purpose of the landing page.
      • Directional Cues: Human brain welcomes directional cues and processes the information faster. Example: use of arrows lead the eye to follow track
      Landing Pages that Convert
      • CTA Above the Fold: Keep your vital information above the fold. This includes the hero shot, headline, and the form
      • White Space: Leverage white space to make each element stand out in their own space
      • Balance: make optimum use of colors and use white space around content to make for easy read


      Content is the final trigger for conversion. Content makes or breaks your leads. Here are some handy tips to keep your content working the magic.

      • Compelling reason: Your content should be well structured and give incremental info to the user – from headline to the purpose to the benefits.
      • Headline: A benefit-ridden headline works better any other headline. In any case, the headline needs to clear and concise
      • Continuity: If it’s a PPC landing page, ensure it continues the message that was started in the PPC ad
      • Action words: action words trigger
      • Trust: adding testimonials, mentioning existing client, giving product information – all build the trust for the user to part with their personal information especially the email id
      • Social Share leaks: Social share buttons, links to website etc all distract the user and may take them away from the landing page. Social share buttons should be placed on the thankyou page or right at the bottom of the page


      A form works as the bridge between leads and conversions – makes sense to make it reliable to carry the load (take the leads to next step).

      • Limit the fields: Keep those fields that you would otherwise make mandatory. Shorter the forms, more the probability of conversion. Leverage progressive profiling instead.
      • Don’t ask for sensitive information: avoid asking too personal information like age, salary until you have real good reason for asking for this information
      • Give whitespace around your form to make it stand out from the rest of the form
      • Form headers: Your form header should describe why someone should fill in your form and what they’ll get.
      • Form CTA: should follow all the tips given in the CTA section

      Call to Action (CTA):

      CTA button drives helps achieves the goal – be it downloads, traffic to the website, free trial conversions and is most important element of your landing page. Some key elements to be keep in mind are:

      • The CTA needs to be the most conspicuous element on the form. Use a contrast color to achieve this. Popular CTA colors include- orange, green, and the quintessential blue color
      • For long forms repeat the CTA button at multiple places – keep the button same and most distinguished
      • Specify what is your CTA is on the button eg. Get your 15 day free trial now.
      • CTA colors should NOT be used for any other element/piece of information on the landing page.

      Your landing pages are platforms for conversions – make your users feel confident, build trust, give them the information they are looking are and they will be ready part with their personal information in lieu of what you are offering.

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