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      Landing Page

      Four Best Practices for Designing Effective Landing Pages

      Sep 21, 2012

      2 minute read

      Effectiveness of landing pages plays significant roles in the success of the marketing and lead nurturing campaigns. Apart from writing concise and actionable copy, a landing page has to be visually appealing as well. Here are 4 tips to help design a perfect landing page.

      1. Purpose of the Landing Page:
        All the elements of the landing page – images, content, colors should be balanced and move in entirety and not as separate blocks. Moreover, they should be able to convey the purpose of the landing page.
      Purpose of the Landing Page
      1. Visual Appeal:
        Landing page should the right balance of colors, images, content and white space so that the page is visually appealing and communicative. There needs to be visual hierarchy and every element on the page should encourage the user to take your desired action.
      2. Call to Action:
        Preferably, keep only one call to action and make sure it’s clear and prominent.
      Call to Action on Landing Page
      1. Prominent Heading:
        The heading of the landing page should be designed to attract attention.
      Prominent Heading on Landing Page

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