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      10 Best Practices to Increase Customer Support ROI with an Effective Knowledge Base (Part 2)

      Sep 17, 2014

      3 minute read

      Continuing from the previous post on best practices, here are five more-

      6. Re-Purpose Content

      If you have a piece of content and it resonates well with your audience, then why not create more content with your existing content! There are many ways you can reach more prospects by re-purposing the content and distributing it on different platforms. Here’s how you can do that-
      • Convert it into a slide deck, info-graphic or a video. You can transform content to different forms within the knowledge base
      • Share updated content through emails, newsletters or by converting it to videos can be another great way to re-purpose good content


      Strategy Activity

      1. Monitor KB Performance
        You need to monitor what is happening in your knowledge base. How are the different sections of your knowledge base performing? How many hits do they get and how long do the users stay on your pages? Here’s how you can do that-
        • Capture customer feedback with content rating systems to get instant feedback on your articles
        • Monitor the overall case-deflection, reports on search keywords, time spent on category, article pages, and user engagement

      Article Statistics

      1. Automate Content Capture
        Automating content capture is strongly recommended. It lets your users easily add comments and help you find the direction on what kind of content they are looking for. Here’s how you can automate content capture-
        • Review and analyze content of the ticket and create a content score
        • Based on the content score, you can pass on the information to the content team to create more such knowledge base articles
        • Facilitate knowledge base article creation from cases to ensure new material is constantly being added

      Automate Content Capture

      1. Keep Knowledge Base Fresh
        Make sure your support team conducts monthly or quarterly content audit of your knowledge base by going through every article and updating it to match the latest insights gathered from reports. Here’s how you can do that-
        • Automate content tagging
        • Update embedded images & videos after new releases
        • Take regular back-ups of your KB content

      Knowledge Base

      1. Build a Self-Service Portal
        A self-service portal serves as a communication platform where the advanced users can help newbies resolve their queries, faster. It enables your customers to find solutions for their queries and gain insights even without, contacting any of your support executives. Here’s how you can do that-
        • Build a self-service portal that can satisfy ‘I want it now’ need and is there 24/7 for your customers.
        • Deploy intuitive designs, build user-friendly navigation and enable easy content creation
        • Allow users to easily comment on posts


      An effective knowledge base yields better ROI for your customer service and support departments. With these ten practices you can pass on the control to your users, reduce case deflection and improve support efficiency.

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