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      Why Migrating to Salesforce Lightning Experience is no Longer a Matter of Choice

      Jan 09, 2020

      2 minute read

      Salesforce Classic is unofficially a thing of the past and it will be made official soon!

      Businesses using Salesforce already know that Lightning is the only possible future of Salesforce. While no date has been set, it is predicted that the transition to Lightning Experience will soon become mandatory.

      So how many organizations have moved to Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX) so far? We have the answer, credit to Bluewolf’s State of Salesforce 2020 report.


      Lightning Experience has proven to be the preferred UI and UX, and 45% of the organizations have already switched to Lightning Experience.

      But the highlight is that a lot of organizations haven’t moved to the LEX yet.

      We, at Grazitti, follow a proven Lightning Migration process for a hassle-free migration. To know more about the process, click here.

      Why moving to Salesforce Lightning Experience makes sense

      There hasn’t been any major update to Salesforce Classic for past many releases. All the new features and functionalities have been introduced for Lightning Experience only.

      Those who are yet to prioritize or plan to move to LEX are missing out on Salesforce’s ongoing updates and new releases and in due course, exposing their organization to the risk of functionality loss.

      Is your organization ready for that? I guess your answer would be ‘NO’.

      It is no longer an excuse that certain Classic functionalities aren’t supported in Lightning Experience. A vast majority of these functionalities are now supported in Lightning or can be made available via customization.

      Adopt Lightning today and be future-ready

      2020 is going to be very crucial for Salesforce users. With Winter ‘20 and the latest Spring ‘20 releases, Lightning has become highly sophisticated. More and more Salesforce users want to leverage those new features for ease of operations.

      That’s why a number of businesses are adding moving to Lightning Experience to their priority list for 2020. But still, there are businesses that are still happy going forward with Salesforce Classic.

      That, however, should not be the approach. Precisely because everyone—who closely follow updates on Salesforce— is aware that there are rising uncertainties around the future of Salesforce Classic.

      So, it is better to be prepared in advance.

      That’s because the migration process takes time and then you also need to train users for the new UI. And then, it takes time for users to get used to the Lightning Experience and to its new features and functionalities.

      So, if you have plans to move to Lightning Experience, don’t delay it any further. The more you delay, the more vulnerable your organization will be to the havoc that will be created when Classic will be discontinued in the near future.

      Looking to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience?

      Grazitti’s Salesforce experts have assisted over 80 brands including many Fortune 500 companies to successfully migrate to the Lightning Experience. We have also helped train their employees to adopt the LEX. Visit here for more details on migration to Salesforce Lightning.

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