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      8 Useful Tips to Create Stellar Email Newsletters

      Oct 29, 2020

      3 minute read

      “Email has an ability that many channels don’t: Creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”
      -David Newman

      Devising a plan that accelerates user engagement can prove to be a challenging and time-consuming task for many marketers.

      How do I bring in more customers? How do I sell more? What should my next engagement strategy be? These are some of the most common questions that cross a marketer’s mind.

      The solution to all these problems lies in creating stellar email newsletters. A common challenge that companies face while creating email newsletters is to assimilate the right newsletter content that targets the right audience and dodges spam triggers.

      To combat this, we have incorporated a list of the most useful tips that will help you create email newsletters that convert. Let’s get started!


      The 8-Point Checklist to Craft the Best Email Newsletters

      An email newsletter should be the perfect blend of information and design. The key determinant here is to identify the right target audience and understand their needs. Mentioned below is a detailed checklist that talks about incorporating the right elements in your company’s email newsletter to ace your marketing strategy.

      1. Ascertain a suitable newsletter type: E-newsletters are a great medium to educate the audience about a business’s products and services. However, the biggest mistake that marketers make while curating these is over-stuffing information. Yes, talking about your brand is important, but in bits and pieces and without ostentation. To achieve maximum engagement via email newsletters, ensure that you encompass precise information, making it less random. Choose a specific niche and present information restricted to that.

      2. Keep it informative: Your subscribers are already familiar with the type of products and services being offered by your company. Thus, they are in search of information that is useful and helps them in making a buying decision. The best practice here is to minimize self-promotion and invest in curating content that’s worthy of reading. Incorporate facts, figures, images, and numbers to make the newsletter more eye-catching and understandable.

      3. Use Creative subject headlines: Creativity is the secret recipe when your objective is to gain more subscribers and actually get them to open the emails and read your content. To achieve this, invest time in curating catchy subject lines and headings that will prompt users to sign up and, ultimately, open the newsletter for insightful information.

      4. Declutter by keeping your copy concise: White space plays a crucial role in determining how cluttered or decluttered your E-newsletter will look. Many times, marketers tend to insert a lot of content in the newsletter making it difficult for readers to navigate to the information of their interest. Thus, to enhance user experience, keep the copy concise and meaningful. The main objective of email newsletters is to send users to your website. Curating a concise copy will empower them to get acquainted with your business’s products and services and become potential leads.

      5. Provide alt texts with images: Image representation should be an essential part of every marketer’s strategy. Including these images in your email newsletters is also a great way to grab the attention of users. However, many times, subscribers do not have images enabled in their emails. It is, thus, important to include alt texts with images so they click on the CTAs even if images are disabled.

      6. Use email-marketing tools to dodge spam triggers: This is where incorporating an email marketing tool in your marketing strategy comes into play. Email marketing tools are embedded with spam detection technologies which can mark your email newsletter as spam. To row through this, it is essential to follow all spam guidelines which include writing meaningful subject lines, using accurate email addresses, providing an unsubscribe link in the newsletter, etc.

      7. Test to check responsiveness: Testing is a crucial step that many marketers oversee when drafting email newsletters. To keep users hooked, ascertain the layout of the email newsletter across multiple devices. This will enable you to focus on placing the CTAs in the email body in a way that users can simply click and become potential leads.

      8. Perform A/B testing: This function is available in many email marketing tools. A/B testing enables you to test your newsletter in different layouts and analyze results. After measuring the fetched results, the information obtained can be used to pick elements that reap maximum engagement and create unique versions of the email newsletters.

      Ready to roll out your email newsletter? Remember to keep the aforementioned points in mind while curating newsletter content. Ensure that you provide your readers with information that is valuable and concise. People today are habitual of checking their emails via smartphones. Thus, it is best to pre-test email newsletters to check responsiveness and provide users with a smooth experience.

      Wish to maximize engagement with comprehensive content marketing services? Talk to us!

      Team Grazitti is committed to offering you with unique and the best content marketing services. To know more, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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