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      Become a Futuristic Company with Salesforce1

      Dec 11, 2013

      5 minute read

      “I want to connect not just with the product, but the company. I want to be connected.” said Benioff, while launching Salesforce1 at DF’13. Launched as future of Salesforce, Salesforce1 is a platform that leverages power of easy to use, always accessible, and intuitive mobile user experience. Salesforce1 is creating Internet of Customers, banking on the vast Internet of Things market, which will generate an astounding $14 trillion in coming decade, as per CISCO.

      What exactly is Salesforce1?

      New applications for marketing, sales and service? New app for your mobile phone? New set of APIs? New tools for development? Salesforce1 aims to be all-encompassing. It has something for the developers, admin, end users, and partners. It is marketed as a platform where anything can be built and controlled from anywhere, where everything is truly connected. Here’s how you can take a big step for your business with Salesforce1.

      1. Connect with your Customers – Mobile app users are 400% times more engaged. Be it phones, tablets, and desktops, you can build customer focused apps to present personalized experience across any channel to your customers. Focusing on creating Internet of Customers, these apps bring you a step closer to the needs of your customers. Salesforce1 makes it easy and fast to create and launch mobile apps for your company, with use of HTML 5, platform APIs, Heroku1, and native mobile services. With negligible development time, you can create customer apps providing real-time data access, engaging user experience, and 3rd party authentication like Facebook login and more.Burberry, using the power of Salesforce1 has created a rich and exciting experience for its customers. It bridges the physical and the digital world by connecting with the customers in the way they are attuned, through the social. It achieved this by building a custom app, and used it to showcase world’s first mobile fashion show. It made each customer feel special, connected and experience the show like they have the front row seats.
      Connect with your Customers
      1. Empower your Employees – Mobile apps have enabled 76% of businesses to increase employee responsiveness and decision-making speed. Salesforce1 helps companies create innovative apps, which helps you focus on increasing employee productivity and revolutionize the way your team interacts with customers. Whether it is updating forecasts or creating new opportunities, employees can do everything without going back to their desk.With Salesforce1, ADP has created a rich suite of custom tailored mobile apps including itinerary planners, order management, digital sales aids and more. More than 10,000 ADP employees in sales, marketing, finance, and operations, can regularly access information from Salesforce, serving 600,000+ customers with a delight. By capturing things while they are happening, ADP employees are able to easily access all the customer information they need and convert every interaction moment to a selling moment with their customers.
      Empower your Employees
      1. Sell connected products – Benioff made it clear that your customers need products which are connected and if you do not give them what they want, they will switch on to some other company. Spanning from large construction or hospital devices to small kitchen appliances at home and everything in between, customers want them connected and easy to access. With Salesforce1, you can connect your products with internet and cement your position to become a customer connected company in Internet of Customers.Philips is using Salesforce1 platform to deliver meaningful innovation to its customers. Moving from traditional approach of selling a product on the basis of features, it has moved to product solution selling approach, offering richer experiences to customers. It has connected home cookers, air purifiers, coffee machines, and tooth brushes to truly integrate all facets of customer’s life and enable smarter decisions and user tracking. Illustrating the application of all user interaction knowledge, the latest Hue Connected lamp can be operated with an iPhone to provide customer full control of their lighting ranging from colour, brightness and duration.
      Sell connected products
      1. Build Customer Communities – With communities built on Salesforce1 platform, you can connect with your customers, distributors, partners, and resellers to drive your revenue streams. Salesforce communities can help you create personalized brand experience for your customers by observing them and engaging them with multiple touch points. Harnessing the power of social and mobile connectivity, you can create a community where employees, customers, experts can interact and find every piece of information they need in real time.Virgin America replaced their old intranet with VXConnect, powered by Chatter and Salesforce1 to build a social enterprise for its customers at 35,000 feet. It leverages Chatter to deliver personalised experience for customers, not only based on what service teams already know but also based on what their customers want them to do. Customers love it when on their seats they are greeted by the screen and are presented with multiple F&B options, entertainment choices and lot more which are customized using the integrated data.
      Build Customer Communities
      1. Modernize back office processes – Your employees can get 56% better access to information with custom apps. Salesforce1 platform lets you build low cost, easy to deploy and manage custom apps to increase the productivity of your back office team. Real time data integration with your existing systems and social networks through middleware solutions like streaming APIs, rest APIs, web services and native plug-ins provides updated data to your employees, increases collaboration and makes them more productive. With apps for functions like marketing, finance, inventory and supply chain, you can cut down cost of your back end infrastructure and become a mobile friendly, agile company.Kimberly-Clark, a 140-year-old global leader is tapping new social platforms for better collaboration of employees and connecting them to 1.3 billion customers. Relying on SAP for its back-office operations, Kimberly-Clark build custom mobile apps allowing field sales team to work with freedom, adding a layer of agility to existing systems. For B2B projects, Kimberly-Clark has Professional Healthy Workplace iPad app, allowing teams to track the progress and share with customers in real time.
      Modernize back office processes

      [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]These companies have combined their innovative thinking with features like Heroku1, drag-and-drop tools, social collaboration, visual workflow, private appexchange and cloud database to leverage Salesforce1 and create infinite possibilities to transform their business and step into the future. Now, it is your turn.

      About Grazitti Salesforce Services:

      At Grazitti Interactive, we empower your team to make the most of Salesforce1. Our services include:

      • Consulting: Developing best practices for your Salesforce solutions by auditing existing Salesforce processes and providing recommendations.
      • Implementation: Planning and execution for implementing of Salesforce solutions and setting up custom objects, fields, works for your Salesforce instance.
      • Integration: Integration with AppExchange apps, Apex web services API, API and other 3rd party applications.
      • Development: On-demand Salesforce development services for creating custom apps as well as leverage existing Salesforce solutions for your team.
      • Communities: Services for Salesforce community solutions by working on community planning, development, and support.
      • IT and Support: Support for your Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and other Salesforce solutions to optimize them and keep your business processes running

      To know more, drop us a line at [email protected].

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