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      Decode How Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Einstein Can Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

      Sep 07, 2022

      5 minute read

      Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

      From being a new kid on the block to a norm, AI has come a long way.

      According to research, in 2021, 86% of CEOs stated that AI is now a mainstream technology in their business [i].

      In fact, by 2030, AI will pilot an estimated $15.7 trillion increase in global GDP [ii].

      In this digital era, business leaders are stepping up their use of technology to compete in the new world in which AI has solidified itself as the most powerful ammunition.

      Salesforce has been innovating to make things easier for its users and big thanks to them for simplifying how its users use AI with their tool – Einstein!

      If you have the Salesforce edge, you don’t need to look for AI tools additionally, it’s built right in all core products of Salesforce.

      In this blog post, we’ll decode how Einstein AI can enable your marketing teams to collect data, predict customers’ next moves, and drive marketing success.

      Why Do You Need AI in Your Marketing Efforts?

      Marketers need to meet their customers’ expectations. And to do so, they must:

      • Know everything possible about their customers
      • Personalize every customer interaction with intelligence
      • Engage customers across the entire customer journey
      • Analyze data quickly

      That’s where AI can help.

      According to a recent survey, when sales and marketing leaders were asked which technologies have the most positive impact on improving customer experience, 34% of them stated that AI is the biggest game-changer [iii].

      With AI, marketers can:

      • Understand customer behavior and action
      • Improve marketing campaigns by extracting valuable insights
      • Use real-time analytics to make better marketing decisions
      • Deliver personalized messages to customers
      • Improve team productivity

      Einstein for Marketing Cloud

      Einstein empowers marketers to deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time. This ensures increased customer engagement and retention.

      You can use the powers of Einstein AI to set work priorities and stay on the top of your marketing automation game by adopting a data-driven strategy that will benefit your marketing teams.

      Here’s a quick look at the top 5 features of Einstein in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to boost your marketing initiatives and bring ROI to the table.

      Einstein for Marketing Cloud

      1.Einstein Engagement Scoring: Einstein Engagement Scoring predicts consumer engagement with email and push messaging. Predictive models are generated with the help of predictive data and machine learning. With this, scores are assigned as per the likelihood of a customer to open an email or click on links. This enables you to segment your subscriber list to target the right audience based on how likely they are to engage with your campaign.

      2.Einstein Send Time Optimization: With the Einstein Send Time Optimization (STO) feature in the Marketing Cloud, you can determine the most appropriate time to send a message to your prospects. With the help of machine learning, Einstein predicts the right time when the user is most likely to engage with your message.

      3. Einstein Copy Insights: Einstein Copy Insights makes use of text analytics and natural language processing to analyze the text from your email subject lines. This gives you in-depth language insights and enables you to understand user sentiment. You can use these insights to curate stellar subject lines that drive stronger email engagement.

      4. Einstein Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Einstein ABM offers AI-fueled insights to align marketing teams and enable them to recognize high-value accounts, boost account engagement, and increase revenue.

      5. Einstein Email & Web Recommendations: With these two powerful Einstein features, you can personalize content for your audience. It can recommend the next best content piece, offers, or products to be rolled out to your audience based on their behavior.

      Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Einstein Just Got Superior

      When Einstein AI was unveiled, Salesforce introduced newer capabilities with each release. The recent releases Spring ‘22, Winter ‘22, and Summer ‘21 by Salesforce had some important things for Einstein that have amplified the capabilities of Marketing Cloud. Let’s take a look at them.

      Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Einstein Just Got Superior

      1. Create Daily Reports for Einstein Content Selection via API

      Tracking subscriber engagement with another platform such as an analytics tool has been raised a notch above, after the Spring ‘22 release. Now, you can use an API to get daily insights into individual subscriber asset selections and clicks.

      2. New Model Card for Einstein Email Engagement Scoring

      With the Spring ‘22 release, Marketing Cloud has a new card for Einstein Email Engagement Scoring, which gives insight into how the AI model analyzes messages and the factors that it uses.

      3. Get Your Einstein Bots to Use Multiple Languages

      Monolingual bots are so 2005! With the new Winter ‘22 release, you can now get multi-language support in Einstein Bots. Now, in the same bot, you can add multiple secondary language translations for each dialog. This helps you to deliver a consistent experience across geographies. Another great thing is that you will get individual scoring for each language intent model, which you can use to improve the chat experience for all customers.

      4. Examine Einstein’s Send Times for Data Extensions

      Marketing Cloud’s Einstein Send Time Optimization (STO) determines the best time to send a message. With the Summer ‘21 release, you get visibility into what these ‘best send times’ are for any set of contacts in a data extension before you hit send. Einstein provides you with the best time for customers that you plan to send the email to; thus, allowing you to plan your email campaigns accordingly. And with the Spring ‘22 release, this feature’s capabilities just got a notch up. Now, you can use Einstein Send Time Optimization from Automation Studio for your bulk and batch send email campaigns.

      5. Improve the Performance of Subject Lines With Predictions

      This new feature from Summer ‘21 release gives you the option to improve the performance of your email subject lines and increase engagement. With Einstein Analysis, you can get a view of historical data and compare how a subject line has performed in the past. This way, you get the opportunity to understand what’s working and witness a higher send and open rate for your email campaigns.

      6. Optimize Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts With Einstein Key Account Identification

      With ABM, businesses see better ROI for their marketing efforts as it has flipped the traditional funnel on its head by going straight for the “qualified” leads. The Winter ‘22 release brings a powerful feature – the Einstein Key Accounts Identification to enable your teams to prioritize your account-based marketing efforts by offering insights on how to rank your best accounts and help you to optimize your account-based marketing efforts.

      AI makes it easier for marketers to juggle multiple campaigns, events, and customer data. And when modern marketers use AI and automation together, it can help them make data-backed decisions in a jiff.

      That’s why Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a popular choice. And with Einstein in your corner, you can transform your data into actionable business insights for better customer engagement and boost your marketing ROI.

      Want to Know More about How Einstein Can Be an Ally for Your Marketing Team? Talk to Us!

      Wherever you are in your Einstein journey, our Salesforce aces would be happy to assist you. And if you’d want to know more about using Einstein to fuel your marketing efforts, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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