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      DotNetNuke – Web Content Management has Never Been Easier!

      Aug 10, 2015

      3 minute read

      DotNetNuke (DNN) is the leading open source web CMS based on the Microsoft web platform. The best thing about the DNN content management system is that it enables you to create and manage highly engaging, fully customized websites, while reducing costs and ensuring long-term reliability. The consistency and simplicity that DNN CMS offers, makes it stand apart from the other CMS framework options.


      When it comes to maintaining your website content management system, DNN constantly proves to be an unrivalled leader. Powering more than 750,000 websites worldwide, the DotNetNuke’s CMS is customizable through the use of modules and skins, and it can be used to deploy, create and maintain extranet, intranet and websites in different layouts.

      Features of DotNetNuke

      • Core written in C#
      • File management
      • Bulk email
      • Robust security
      • Rich-text editor
      • Cloud-ready with MS Azure compatibility
      • Single installation, multiple portals
      • Social API (in DNN 6.2 and above)
      • Mobile API and basic mobile device detection
      • Modern client-side web tools like CSS 3, HTML 5 and jQuery
      • Administration features like security roles, protected content and site log

      DotNetNuke, WordPress or Joomla – What’s the best option for you?

      DotNetNuke, WordPress and Joomla are the most popular content management systems used globally to power websites. However, if you are looking for a portal that leads to resolving all your web CMS related issues, DNN (Dot Net Nuke) is your ultimate solution.

      Here is a CMS comparison chart weighing DNN against the other two CMS applications:

      CMS Systems DotNetNuke Joomla WordPress
      Started by Walker’s company Forked from Mambo Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little
      Company name DotNetNuke Corp. The Joomla Project WordPress
      Framework .NET PHP PHP
      Application server Windows Windows, Linux Windows, Linux
      Licensing model Open source Open source Open source
      Base cost N/A Free Free
      Implementation cost N/A Costly Costly
      Usability Less Comparatively less High
      Number of websites powered >7,50,000 >500,000,000 >10 million
      Downloads >8 million >30 million >140 million
      Top sites using the platform EricksonTribune, Magenic, SkyeTek Harvard University, The Hill Forbes, CNN, Sony
      Free themes 1,315+ 900+ 2000+
      Free plug-ins 12,780+ 7000+ 27000+
      Best used for Commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, online publishing portals, and custom vertical applications e-commerce, social networking sites Blogs, corporate websites, small-medium sized websites

      Advantages of DotNetNuke CMS

      DotNetNuke is becoming the number one choice amongst CMS applications because of the numerous advantages it offers.

      • Easy to install: The set up and installation of DotNetNuke CMS is very fast and easy. Just download the application and follow the simple installation steps. Also, many hosting companies provide DNN specific hosting packages, which include the support and tools to make the project installation easier.
      • Easy to use: The DotNetNuke CMS makes it easy for the content writers, designers, developers and administrators to manage every aspect of their web assets. A well-researched user interface and content-sensitive support offers an unmatched user experience.
      • Powerful: It can support several websites using a single application setup. By distributing the administrative tasks at individual site level and host level, web administrators can easily manage countless websites, each with its own unique content and layout.
      • Feature-rich: It is loaded with a range of built-in features and functionalities that provide exceptional user experience. Content management, web design, website hosting, membership and security options are all easily customized through easy to use, browser- based tools.
      • Localized: It comes with a multi-language localization feature that helps web administrators to easily translate their websites into any preferred language. Moreover, with an international pool of developers working in the DotNetNuke environment, you can always find the native support round the corner.
      • Leading-edge: It offers hosts the opportunity to leverage the leading-edge software development concepts and advanced technologies like Visual Studio, ASP.NET2.0, Windows, SQL Server and IIS.
      • Flexible: It the core framework makes it easy to integrate with the existing applications. Therefore, it helps businesses to focus solely on increasing the website features, instead of troubleshooting and fixing the installations.

      Get an interactive, feature-rich website

      At Grazitti Interactive, we offer best-in-class website development services using advanced technologies such as Magento, Shopify, PHP,, AJAX, JavaScript and more. Companies like Tidemark, Appcelerator, Cloudwords and many others trust us with their web development needs. For more information about our development services, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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