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      Manual Vs Automated Quality Assurance Testing – Which One is a Better Fit for Your Testing Process?

      Nov 22, 2018

      3 minute read

      Software testing is a huge domain, but it can be broadly categorized into two areas: manual testing and automated testing.

      Both of them can be used to achieve the best results, but it is always worth knowing the difference between the two. Each testing type – manual and automated – comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a moment to understand the definition of both.

      Manual Testing Automated Testing
      It is the type of testing in which the test cases are executed manually by humans without using any tools or scripts In this testing, test cases are executed automatically using a wide range of tools, software, and scripts

      You can choose between manual and automated testing based on a variety of factors. These include:

      • Project requirements
      • Timeline
      • Budget
      • Expertise
      • Suitability

      While these are some important factors, there are three that take prominence in every project. They include:

      • Time
      • Cost
      • Quality

      The goal of any project is to balance these three factors in a way that high-quality output can be attained at minimum cost and time.

      Let’s understand how these two testing types perform

      Whether it is manual testing or automated testing, there are specific methodologies used for both, these include:

      • Black box Testing
      • White box Testing
      • System Testing
      • Integration Testing
      • Load Testing
      • Performance Testing

      You must understand that out of the aforementioned methods, some may be better suited for manual testing while others perform well in automated testing.

      Here are a few comparisons that will help you understand the pros and cons better:

      Manual Testing Automated Testing
      Human errors can reduce the accuracy, making this method less reliable Testing performed using tools and scripts makes this method more reliable
      Manual testing requires a dedicated team of individuals, this makes the process time consuming It is relatively faster as the testing is done using software tools, making it better than a manual process
      You need to invest in hiring the right members for your team You just need to invest in acquiring testing tools
      Better suited for a project where test cases are run once or twice and there is no need for repetition frequently It is a practical choice when the test cases need to run regularly over a significant amount of time
      Human observation can help evaluate the user-friendliness quotient and help in achieving a better experience for the end user User-friendliness and end-user experience cannot be defined due to the lack of human observation

      What are the ideal scenarios to use manual and automated testing?

      Let’s see which testing type is best suited for every scenario:

      Manual Testing Automated Testing
      Exploratory Testing: This scenario requires a tester’s expertise, creativity, knowledge, analytical and logical reasoning skills. With poorly written specifications and short execution time, human skills are a must to test in this scenario Regression Testing: Automated method is better here because the code changes frequently and the regressions can be run in a timely manner
      Ad-Hoc Testing: It is an unplanned method of testing where the biggest difference maker is a tester’s insight that can work without a specific approach Repeated Execution: When you need to execute a use case repeatedly, automated testing is a better option
      Usability Testing: Here you need to check the level of user-friendliness and check the software for convenience. Human observation is a must to make the end user’s experience convenient Performance: You need an automated method when thousands of concurrent users are simulated at the same time. Additionally, it is a better solution for load testing.

      To Wrap Up

      Having a clear understanding of the aforementioned factors can help you in determining the best approach for your project. You can evaluate a testing situation clearly and achieve the best results within a stipulated budget and time-frame.

      Want to get your applications tested?

      Let’s talk. Grazitti Interactive follows industry-best practices for all quality assurance projects. Want to know more about our quality assurance services? Email us at [email protected] or visit our website.

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