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      Salesforce Acquires ClickSoftware for USD 1.35B

      Sep 09, 2019

      2 minute read

      Just days after Salesforce closed the massive $15.7 billion Tableau deal, the company has made another significant announcement.

      The CRM giant has signed a definitive agreement to acquire ClickSoftware, an Israeli field service software provider, for $1.35 billion.

      ClickSoftware empowers field service leaders to automatically schedule and optimize critical field service tasks. Salesforce, however, already offers a field service tool, which was developed in partnership with ClickSoftware in 2016. Hence, the complete acquisition of ClickSoftware will enable Salesforce Service Cloud users to provide more connected and intelligent customer service.

      Salesforce acquires ClickSoftware

      Implications of the Acquisition

      For Salesforce

      The latest acquisition could help Salesforce compete with Microsoft, after the latter’s acquisition of field service software company FieldOne in 2015.

      Salesforce Field Service Lightning, the mobile application built on Service Cloud, facilitates the integration of the service workforce on one centralized platform. With the latest acquisition, Salesforce is aiming for the pole position for its Service Cloud.

      With the company reporting that the Service Cloud generated $1 billion in revenue for the first time in June, the acquisition is set to further intensify Salesforce profits.

      For Users

      While the two companies have been partners since the ball was set rolling on Salesforce Field Service Lightning, the acquisition will result in a Salesforce platform with increased visibility for sales, customers, and field services.

      In a statement issued on August 7, Salesforce said, “As customer service continues to evolve, the acquisition of ClickSoftware will create strategic synergies, technological unity and new innovation opportunities for Salesforce to better meet the needs of existing and new customers around the world by providing one seamless field service solution.”

      It is expected that the deal will be wrapped up by October 31, following the completion of the waiting period under US and Israeli antitrust law.

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