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      Salesforce Performance Optimization: Reducing Page Execution Time (Especially, in Lightning Experience)

      Aug 28, 2020

      3 minute read

      Page load times are a vital part of great user experience. Slow loading times not only fuel frustration but they also add to friction in work. This is especially true for CRM platforms like Salesforce, as they contain a large amount of data, numerous pages, workflows, etc. All of that combined, adds to the page load time.

      If you have been using Salesforce, you must have come across a lot of rhetoric on Lightning Experience’s speed and efficiency. Compared to Classic, page load time in LEX is more.
      Performance optimization is key here. By optimizing Salesforce Lightning pages, their performance can see a definitive boost. But why not stick to Classic if Lightning needs improvement in performance?

      This option is fairly popular with a lot of developers who aren’t Lightning fans. They defend their choice by citing the issues that Lightning has in terms of performance. However, that does not solve the problem.

      Lightning is the future of Salesforce and everybody must get used to it.


      Therefore, we would like to reiterate here that the best possible solution is optimizing Salesforce pages. Let’s understand how this will work.

      How to optimize Salesforce Lightning pages?

      1. Remove unnecessary pages and classes

      We figured out that a major reason behind the poor performance of Lightning pages was the huge number of related records that were present inside it.

      For instance, if you click on a particular ‘opportunity’, all the additional information related to that opportunity will open up. The agents do not require a lot of this information. Since these additional records and pages increment the time load, it is best to remove them from under the objects. This will reduce the load on the server and the time taken for page loading will decrease significantly.

      2. Remove and segregate VF pages

      We also found out that segregating information into different tabs can help in page optimization. Like we have explained before, an agent only requires so much information at a single time. So why flood him with everything at once.

      Therefore, we customized the VF pages by creating separate tabs for each piece of information. Due to this, requests sent to the server were limited, which helped in making the pages nimble. This not just helped in boosting the speed, but also in organizing information and enhancing the UX of the pages.

      3. Apex refactoring

      To further enhance Salesforce Lightning’s performance, we concluded that in order to decrease the execution time, you have to take the following steps:

      • Reduce the number of iterations through Apex Refactoring

      Through Apex Refactoring, we can change the internal structure of the code, which stops the looping while preserving the external behavior. This process helps reduce the execution time.

      • Use trigger framework

      Further, we also found out that if there are multiple triggers related to a single object, it will hinder the page performance. Therefore, it is recommended to use the one object-one trigger formula here. This will add up to the performance of the pages.

      Our customers witnessed a vast improvement in the performance of Lightning Component following the implementation of these techniques.

      Need help with optimizing the performance of your Salesforce Org? Contact Us.

      If you too have been troubled by Salesforce Lightning’s performance or have any other requirements related to Salesforce, let us know. Grazitti has been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for over a decade and has an army of developers and troubleshooters deft in Salesforce. For more info, send us an email at [email protected].

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