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      Simplify Your Customer Service Operations With Salesforce Einstein

      Feb 16, 2023

      4 minute read

      Let’s rewind back to a decade.

      Artificial Intelligence was too challenging to be used in the business landscape.

      Fast-forward to the current day. The tables have turned completely and AI is the norm now.

      Research[i] shows that 57% of organizations use AI applications to enhance their customer service, process optimization, and data-driven decisions.

      You can use it across various business verticals to automate & optimize complex tasks. Not only does this provide productivity gains to your organization but also allows you to improve the most prioritized activity – customer service.

      AI is revolutionizing customer service. It uses machine learning (ML), predictive analysis, and natural language processing (NLP) to access data that helps support teams to weave a seamless customer experience. And eventually, businesses succeed to generate high profits, stay competitive, and make customers happier.

      Sample Starbucks. They use AI and ML algorithms to customize their order process and help customers choose beverages faster by providing them with suggestions based on their preferences.

      AI is clearly here to stay. And one platform that’s helping businesses make its optimum use is Salesforce through its Einstein Platform. Salesforce Einstein is a smart AI technology, layered over Salesforce products to make several business functions AI-enabled.

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss how Salesforce Einstein empowers support teams to accelerate customer service operations and makes them efficient.

      Salesforce Einstein in a Nutshell

      Salesforce Einstein, an in-built AI solution in Salesforce enables you to scale support and increase employee productivity. It has been built for smooth AI deployment, allowing your agents to deliver intelligent CX.

      It automates tasks and fetches valuable insights about your customers. It lets you improve the productivity of your front-end teams and boosts customer experience. It collects the entire data that gets updated to Salesforce CRM and predicts which characteristics of a customer can most influence the making of a certain purchase.

      Tools Offered by Salesforce Einstein to Improve Customer Experience

      Salesforce Einstein is a CRM Intelligence Assistant. It is divided into two categories: Einstein Out-of-the-Box Applications and Einstein Platform. There are powerful tools included in the Einstein Platform, which solve a wide range of use cases for customer experience. Here’s a quick look at these tools:

      Einstein Bots:

      They use NLP to provide instant help to customers by answering common questions. They also have the added Voice capability, which makes it possible for your employees to interact with Salesforce using their voice.

      Einstein Next Best Action (NBA):

      It enables you to use rule-based and predictive models to identify customers that display signs of attrition. This helps service agents to respond to them quickly or give them attractive offers, in order to help them stay.

      Einstein Discovery:

      It enables you to gain complete insight into the patterns customers have been following and also make predictions about their likelihood of making another purchase.

      Benefits of Einstein AI for Enhanced Customer Service

      Benefits of Einstein AI

      Einstein is power-packed with a myriad of features to engage customers better, boost productivity, and deliver superior customer experiences. Let’s take a look at what it can do for your business:

      Fetch Valuable Data with Einstein Analytics:

      To make more informed business decisions, it is crucial to fetch customers’ previous and current data. For this, you have Einstein Analytics that brings out customer patterns which help you to provide exceptional customer service based on user behavior.

      Route Cases to the Right Agent with Einstein Case Routing:

      Einstein saves agents’ time by automatically updating and routing new cases. When Einstein Case Classification updates a field on a case, Case Routing can help you route the case to the right agent using your existing case assignment rules.

      Resolve Cases Faster with Einstein Case Classification:

      Searching for field values is time-consuming. But Einstein Case Classification makes it a breeze as it uses ML to auto-populate Case record fields so that your support team can resolve cases accurately and consistently. Let’s take a quick look at its benefits.

      • Saves Time for Agents: Einstein Case Classification enables support agents to spend less time scrolling and searching through picklists by using your organization’s cases from the last six months. This resolves the guesswork in completing case fields and helps agents resolve cases quickly and efficiently.
      • Improves Data Quality: Einstein Case Classification uses a predictive model that improves data accuracy on cases and eliminates the possibility of human errors.
      • Improves Customer Service: With more time left for agents and improved data accuracy, agents not only enjoy faster case resolution but also focus on improving customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).

      Wrapping Up

      Getting a complete picture of your customers’ data puts your business in a win-win situation. And Salesforce Einstein makes it possible with its suite of AI-powered tools. It turbocharges your Salesforce Org, enabling you to personalize every customer interaction with AI-powered intelligence. So, make your Salesforce ecosystem limitless by adding the AI powers of Einstein.

      Want to Start Your Salesforce Einstein Journey? Talk to Us!

      If you have more questions about Salesforce Einstein and Case Classification, our experts will be happy to pitch in. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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