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      The 5-Step Plan to Ace Your Rich Media Ads

      Dec 10, 2020

      3 minute read

      Remember the ad that you came across and just couldn’t take your eyes off? If you are guilty of literally watching and scrolling through till the end, then you are in the same boat as others. That was a ‘rich media ad’ – a twist of richness and creativity to boring, bland ads.

      Why was it able to grab your attention?

      It was because it was more attractive and appealing to the eyes in the first glance in comparison to static ad banners that include basic texts and images.

      Why Should You Create Rich Media Ads?
      The fact that click-through rates (CTR) for rich media ads outperform standard banner ads by a whopping 267% is enough to pass the verdict that it is the most effective and exciting way of attracting your target audience. Others reasons to invest in these ads include:

      1. Better interaction
      Movement and uniquely laid out messaging provides a better user experience by stepping above the din of web noise. It promises to keep the viewer’s attention longer than traditional media.

      2. Increased call-to-action
      You have enough room to offer additional, high-quality information and social media engagement as per the user intent with video and other rich media.

      Why Should You Create Rich Media Ads

      3. Trackability
      Marketers can easily track the various levels of engagement and measure the success of advertising campaigns, including important metrics like the number of expansions and video completions.

      4. Brand awareness
      Rich media ad formats including video are the best ad formats to increase brand favorability, says the Tubular Insight Study. The audience, when exposed to rich media ads of your brand, is more likely to remember you.

      If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to tweak your marketing game, experiment with a static and rich media ad yourself to see the difference.

      How to Create Impactful Rich Media Ads
      As interesting and easy-going these ads are, creating them requires going beyond the realm of your imagination along with a full-proof plan. Here’s a sure-fire 5-step plan to ace them:

      1. Strategize it Right
      Identify what you want to advertise, how you want to reach audiences, and the creative assets that you want to exhibit. Just ensure that you take the interactive route and also pave the way for your target audience to reach the ultimate destination of your website, product, or service.

      2. Have the Right Resources
      Once you have decided on your action plan, gather the arsenal in terms of creative and skilled human resources, budgets, etc. Look for like-minded people, be it actors, designers, videographers, animators, content creators, etc.

      How to Create Impactful Rich Media Ads

      3. Innovate and Experiment
      Following the herd and expecting to see conversions is just like walking blindly with the hope that you would reach the destination. Go all guns blazing with different marketing campaigns and simply follow the mantra of ‘Ideate, Innovate, and Create’, you won’t be disappointed.

      4. Choose the Right Platform
      No matter how amazing your ad may be, it might not garner the expected applause, if not played on the right platform, at the right time, and in front of the right audience. So, choose platforms that already have a good interaction and engagement rate like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram for your rich media ads.

      5. Track the Progress
      Lastly, it is time to discover whether you have reaped the fruits of your efforts or not. Track and measure the effectiveness of your rich media ads based on various parameters like total playtime, click-through rate, engagement rate, in-screen impressions, average ad playtime, etc. The results are highly likely to be better in comparison to the static ads.

      If you follow this 5-step journey most ardently with a blend of creativity and the right intent, then your rich media ads would sell like hotcakes.

      Key Takeaway
      Today’s ever-evolving digital marketing landscape demands more ways to entice consumers to engage and interact with content. And, with the popularity of videos and the ever-rising customer expectations, the future of rich media ads looks bright.

      Want to take your ad campaigns a notch higher? Talk to us!

      Our team of content marketers has various successful rich media ad campaigns to its credit and they would be happy to assist you as well. Feel free to reach us at [email protected].

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