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      Web Application Testing: Issues You Can’t Afford to Miss

      Sep 26, 2016

      2 minute read

      Website testing has become a norm these days, and rightly so. Your customers/prospects need to have a flawless experience. Imagine a website with loads of advertisements that pop up as soon as a user lands on the homepage. It not only affects the user’s brand experience but also has a huge adverse impact on the website conversion rates. That’s why you need website and web application testing.

      Responsive Web Design

      There are too many sites with huge amounts of information on the topic: what to test and how. Having worked in web apps and software testing for almost a decade, I’ve compiled a list of issues that are quite essential to be tested:

      1. Business rules: Often I’ve noticed the business requirements are either ambiguous and incomplete or unclear to the developers. This causes a conflict between what is desired and what is delivered. It is, therefore, of primary importance that all the testers and stakeholders are clear of what the business requirement is.
      2. Scalability issues: There are times when the backend is performing fairly complex operations. Such operations might take longer because of various reasons: slow processing at the backend, too many users accessing the database at the same time. Under such circumstance the front-end tends to fall apart. The best user interface is designed in a way that all the complexity that is happening at the backend is never shown to an end user.
      3. Browser and responsive issues: This accounts for the maximum number of bugs reported on the website. Issue such as broken page layouts, alignment and spacing issues are all so common. At Grazitti Interactive, our emphasis is on testing the website on all devices, be it PC, Mac, tablet, phablet, or phone, so that the end user gets a flawless experience.
      4. Incorrect search results: In my testing experience, I have often seen that only partial information in search is true. Let’s take an example of a software that helps generate invoices. If a user searches for a client, the client names shown in the search results may be correct, but the details of most of the clients may not be – they may pertain to some other client the company had worked previously with.
      5. Inadequate security checks: Security checks are imperative for any enterprise software or web application. I’ve noticed cases where unauthorized users could perform the actions that were restricted for their job roles. For instance, in a payroll software, an employee who does not have Admin rights is still able to approve their over-time in the system.

      Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list. However, it includes issues that crop up quite frequently and the ones that you simply cannot afford to miss. That’s why keeping this checklist handy will help you ensure that the chances of any major defects being overlooked are minimalized.

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