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      5 Must-Have Apps to Become More Efficient at Dreamforce 2017

      Oct 27, 2017

      2 minute read

      Attending Dreamforce is important for many reasons such as introducing a new product or service to prospects, boosting brand awareness, generating leads and strengthening relationships with your existing customers.Apps for Dreamforce 2017We are sharing some useful mobile apps to make it easier for you to manage the entire event and maximize results with ease.

      Dreamforce Event App

      Salesforce has updated its events mobile app to help attendees identify and stay up to date on their upcoming activities. With over 3,000 sessions available at Dreamforce, it can be challenging for you to decide and schedule. However, with advanced filters, you can narrow down the session list based on the elements that are important to you and plan your day accordingly.

      Meeting Scheduling and Management App

      At Dreamforce, you will be talking about your services and showcasing your products to your customers, prospects, and partners. You’ll need to follow up with them for lead nurturing. So, why not schedule a follow-up meeting right then and there only to maximize the chances of closing deals? Use an advanced meeting scheduling and management app to find and book meeting rooms at any event on-the-go.

      Manage Meeting Notes App

      You will not get enough time during the event to speak with your prospects, customers or partners at length about doing business. The environment will be great for introductions, but follow-ups will be required. It could be tough to remember who you were supposed to follow up with and why.

      Use mobile apps designed to create meeting notes and easily record all important points about any prospect. Best of all, you can generate reminders for the notes, and can even pin a note to the home screen of your smartphone.

      Expense Tracking App

      Attending Dreamforce can be expensive. Whether you are on your company’s expense or paying the bills yourself, there is probably a budget you need to stick to.

      Use mobile apps to keep track of your expenses. You can create custom categories such as flights, hotel, cab, etc. and then categorize your transactions. Enter your total travel budget as Income and the app will show you how much you have spent and how much money remains in your budget.

      Cab/Taxi Booking App

      If you’re new to San Francisco and have no one to pick you up from/drop at the airport, download a cab booking app onto your smartphone before leaving your city.

      There are many well-known cab service providers such as Uber, Lyft, etc. that can make transportation hassle-free for you. You can even pre-book a cab before landing in San Francisco.

       We’ll be there. Let’s meet!

      Grazitti Interactive is a proud bronze sponsor at Dreamforce ’17. We’ll be exhibiting our products – SearchUnify, Lightning™ Components, Sinergify and ZakCalendar Scheduler, which are built on top of Salesforce platform at booth #143. Contact us at [email protected] to get more details.

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