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      9 Marketo Features to Grow & Scale Your Marketing Operations

      Jun 30, 2022

      4 minute read

      Marketo is a marketing automation dream platform for every marketer, as it backs them with the power to support all facets of marketing and enables them to attract, acquire, and retain today’s savvy customers.

      Team Marketo is known for constantly innovating and adding new features to its platform to cater to the changing market dynamics, driving marketing efficiency, and positively impacting the pipeline.

      And they released some pretty cool new features in January 2022.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk about why Marketo is a great fit for marketers and what new features and advancements are under Marketo’s sleeves to bring operational excellence and efficiency across your teams.

      Why Marketo is the Go-to Platform for Many Businesses?

      Marketo is designed to scale the needs of various marketing activities of a business.

      Known for its automation-technology innovation, this all-encompassing software can help you generate leads, execute winning marketing campaigns, and offer solutions for all modern marketing goals.

      Here are other reasons why Marketo is ‘THE’ marketing automation platform for many businesses.

      • Offers advanced lead nurturing capabilities and segmentation based on behavioral triggers. It enables you to deliver personalized content to your audience at every stage by segmenting the contacts efficiently (by using dynamic content grouped by various segments of your audience).
      • Easily kick-start and deploy your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) across channels by enabling you to define and establish ‘Account Lists’ for key accounts and build scalable programs. Marketo’s AI-based predictive scoring indicators will equip you to rank your leads and identify which accounts are more likely to convert.
      • Predictive content that allows you to personalize email messaging, landing page content, and delivery time of your campaigns.
      • Ability to integrate seamlessly with your CRM platform. The integration allows you to create custom campaigns, boost engagement, get real-time insights, and ensure effective data management.

      9 New Features of Marketo That You Should Use in 2022

      With Marketo in your corner, you’ve got everything that you need to get better leads, higher conversion, while nurturing 1:1 customer relationships at scale. And now this platform is even more platform.

      We’ve listed 9 new features and add-ons in Marketo that you should use in 2022 to amplify your marketing capabilities:


      1. Additional Screens in the Next-Generation Experience:

      Marketo users will now be able to get additional screens in the next-generation experience. The feature comes with a new design and usability enhancements that can be accessed with a toggle switch.

      • Landing page asset details in Design Studio
      • Landing page asset details in Marketing Activities

      2. Self-Service Flow Steps:

      With this feature, you can expand connectivity between Marketo and the rest of your technology stack. This feature enables you to author customized flow steps to use in Smart Campaigns. Also, Marketo users and partners can use this functionality to allow for the usage of external web services in batch and executable campaigns in contrast to webhooks (which can only be used in trigger campaigns).

      3. Dynamic Chat:

      This feature improves every opportunity on your website by targeting both leads and accounts with 1:1 personalized conversations. It allows Marketo users to leverage chat as a key part of the integrated cross-channel experience for B2B marketing and sales.

      Some key features of dynamic chat include:

      • Ability to book meetings directly within the chats
      • Lead routing
      • Starter template
      • Drag-and-drop conversation creation

      4. Microsoft Dynamic Integration:

      Marketo users will be able to sync the multi-select option set field type from Microsoft Dynamics. This will equip you to facilitate better audience targeting in Smart List and Smart Campaigns.

      Also, you’ll be able to target using advanced parameters like products of interest, preferred modes of communication, and many more. The new sync will be compatible with Microsoft Dynamics version 9.X (also including Dynamic 365 online).

      5. Email Connection Throttling:

      This feature will allow Sales Connect administrators to configure the send rate of emails when using Gmail or Exchange as delivery channel. This way, the rate at which emails are being handed over to the delivery channel provider does not exceed the enforced limit.

      6. Salesforce Activity Detail Customization:

      Now, when a sales activity is logged to Salesforce from Sales Connect, you’ll be able to customize what is fed in the Salesforce task subject field. Consequently, you’ll be able to capture more sales activity and task data in Salesforce. This feature will allow you to customize the pattern used for your activity and establish a consistent pattern defined by the Sales Connect admin. It will also decrease the need for custom activity fields, thereby making the activity details easily scannable for the sales professionals.

      7. Filtering Email Bot Activity:

      With the Filtering Email Bot Activity feature, you can now opt-in to logging activities that are identified as bots. It means you can filter and trigger actions based on activities that are identified as being performed by bots.

      8. Priority Override for Trigger Campaigns:

      With this new feature, admins can override Marketo’s determined priority for trigger campaigns to set priorities that better align with business goals. You can view your campaign’s default priority in the Campaign Queue under Marketing Activities.

      9. New Form Validation Rules:

      Marketo’s new Form Validation Rules enable you to maintain the health of your database with the ability to block undesirable email domains from submitting Marketo Forms. Also, it allows administrators to define a blocklist or enable a pre-defined list of free consumer domains to block from forms.

      The one thing that all Marketo users love is the regular innovations that they bring in. And these latest powerful additions to Marketo equip you with everything you need to bring operational excellence & efficiency across teams.

      Want to Amplify Your Marketing Operations With Marketo? Let’s Talk!

      Our Marketo experts will be happy to assist you and take your Marketo operations to the next level. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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