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      Getting Started with Lead Nurturing: Content Best Practices

      Aug 24, 2012

      2 minute read

      When it comes to result driven lead nurturing, vanilla content will not work the magic. You need to spice it up with the right flavors and serve it as a dish most popular with your target audience.

      Here are the top 10 flavors, which enhance your content piece.

      Top 10 Content Best Practices:

      1. Relevant: Know your ideal audience and go all the way to satisfy their information needs. Answer, “What’s in it for me?” from the reader’s perspective.
      Creating content for conversions
      1. Non-promotional: Be “vendor neutral” and focus on the industry, not the company.
      2. Educational: Remember! It’s not about your product. Share information your reader wants to know.
      3. Clear: Talk directly to your reader.
      4. Relevant to the company: Content that does not support your business in any way is a waste of resources.
      5. Uses appropriate media: Your prospects will not come looking for you, you have to be in front of their eyes – be where your audience is.
      6. Precise: meandering your way to the point is not choice when it comes to content served online. Keep your content short, yet relevant.
      7. Well presented: not only should your content read well, it should also be served well. Large chunks of running text are not very reader-friendly. Make small, digestible portions of your content and embellish with aesthetic visuals.
      8. Closes the Loop: your content shouldn’t leave the reader guessing or joining the dots to find the real message. Give your readers complete information about what they are looking for.
      9. Gives proof: Validate your content with metrics and statistics; use customer testimonials to instill confidence.

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