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      #MKTGNation – Meet Us & Solve these 3 Big Challenges in Marketo

      Mar 15, 2017

      2 minute read

      The Marketing Nation Summit is just around the corner. At Grazitti, we are super excited to announce our Bronze Sponsorship for this premier event. Expecting 6000+ attendees, the Summit gives us an excellent opportunity to showcase solutions which address some of the pain points of Marketo users and leaders.

      Let’s look at some of the challenges we are solving with our custom solutions:

      Duplicate Records in Marketo

      As per Sirius Decision, your data doubles up every 12-18 months, and more than 20% of it would be duplicate data. Duplicate data directly impacts the performance of your demand gen programs, and operational processes. While it is easy to find some de-dupe tools for the CRMs, there are not many cost-effective de-dupe solutions for Marketo. We designed M-Clean, an advanced de-dupe solution to identify duplicate records in your database, and merge them automatically. This custom de-duplication solution for Marketo allows you to set up custom rules to identify duplicates, and select a winner, preventing any new duplicate getting created in the system. Once set up, you get a clean lead database, and reduced Marketo subscription cost without any unwanted leads.

      End-to-End Marketing Reporting, beyond Marketo and CRM

      Irrespective of all the standard reports we use in Marketo and CRM, we are still not getting visibility on the effectiveness of all our marketing initiatives. Due to lack of default integrations between Marketo and apps like Google Analytics, Adwords, Bing, DoubleClick, it is hard to map each web engagement with the lead in Marketo and CRM. We designed M-360 to break away from the siloed view across apps. The solution lets marketers get a holistic view of the customer journey with a complete set of integrated dashboards across your business divisions.

      Asset Repository and Back-up Scheduler

      A primary pain area for Marketo users, especially big marketing teams, has been a lack of an asset repository within Marketo. Teams working with a standard set of templates for emails, landing pages etc. have to re-build assets if they are inadvertently deleted. This, along with review and proofing, wherein assets in multiple languages have to be manually extracted for review, presents a time-consuming problem. Marketo Community users had been requesting for a solution that would let them back-up assets. We designed M-Hive so that Marketo users have access to all their assets in a single place and can schedule back-ups, when required. The solution also generates previews and PDFs for multiple emails and landing page assets. Marketo users can use the solution to schedule back-ups at regular intervals and view real-time status for back-up of different assets.

      With the Marketing Nation Summit coming up, we’ll be addressing some of the challenges faced by Marketo users. From duplicate records, to end-to-end marketing reporting, and an asset repository; our solutions, viz. M-Clean, M-360, and M-Hive, enable Marketo users to improve their return-on-marketing-investment.

      Meet us at the Marketing Nation Summit

      Grazitti, being a proud Bronze Sponsor, would love to meet you at the Marketing Nation Summit. Drop by Booth B641 to see a live demo of our Marketo solutions and for some cool swag. Feel free to email us at [email protected] for more info before the Summit starts.

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