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      Webinar on Lead Nurturing in Marketo

      Oct 03, 2017

      2 minute read

      Nurtured leads can produce an average of 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. However, in 20+ Marketo Audits that we did in past few months at Grazitti, we found that most of Marketo instances had a significant percentage of inactive leads. Except email batch-blast programs and minimal optimization activities, we observed that very few instances were in process to start nurture strategy. Besides, most of the instances were not using the “Engagement Program” type in Marketo.

      Since time is a scarce resource for marketing, developing valuable content consistently is a challenge. This seems to be a reason for the lack of using nurture programs in Marketo. However, Engagement Program, and other Marketo Practices help you scale your engagement.

      Guiding you through how you can leverage lead nurturing in Marketo, we bring you a short, easy-to-digest, and insightful webinar that includes video illustrations from pragmatic examples of nurture programs.

      We discuss various administrative challenges, key features of Marketo Programs to assist you scale Engagement and how these features help you resolve the challenges. This exciting 30-minute webinar is aimed to empower you with a perspective we’ve gained at Grazitti while working with various nurture programs over the past couple of years.

      By the end of this webinar, you will know how to set up simple as well as complex logic in Marketo, build engagement programs, and nurture your leads effectively.Lead nurturing in Marketo

      Webinar Highlights

      • An Overview of Lead Nurturing
      • Insights from 20+ Marketo Audits at Grazitti Interactive
      • Cost of Not Nurturing
      • Pragmatic Illustrations of Nurture Programs

      Who Should Attend?

      • Marketing Automation Managers
      • Email Marketing Experts Interested in Lead Nurturing
      • Managers – Integrated Marketing and Customer Marketing Interested in Lead Nurturing
      • Event Marketers Interested in Lead Nurturing


      Balkar Singh (Team Lead – Marketing Automation, Grazitti Interactive) and Karan Hari (Senior Marketo Consultant, Grazitti Interactive)
      Both Balkar and Karan have long been working on Marketo and related technologies. The duo has worked together on several nurture projects and engagement programs and holds expertise in setting up complex Marketo logics.

      Register for the on-demand webinar

      Register here for the webinar to get key insights into and explore the complete potential of effective nurture programs. In case of any query, drop us a mail at [email protected].

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