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      Why Is the Latest Facebook Sales Channel Integration a Boon for Shopify Users?

      Sep 16, 2019

      3 minute read

      For Shopify users who are on the lookout for newer venues to target customers, there is great news. Shopify websites can now be fully integrated with Facebook Sales Channel. This integration can provide a big boost to the online presence of an eCommerce business built on Shopify.

      Facebook Sales Channel has been specifically designed to be linked with your Facebook business page. This channel enables browsing the products on your business page, hence eliminating the need for being redirected to your website.

      In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the importance of integrating Facebook Sales Channel with Shopify.

      Facebook Shopify integration

      Why does Facebook as a Sales Channel matter?

      The power that Facebook holds as a social media platform is undeniable. With over 2.41 billion MAU (monthly active users) as of June 2019, the extent of its marketing reach is enormous. To top that, users spend a whopping 20 minutes on an average on the social media giant. For business owners, this is quite a substantial amount to create an impression on the user.

      Facebook revolutionized the way eCommerce businesses approached their customers. The best part is that you can find an audience of every age demographics on the social media platform. For those targeting the age group of 25-34, Facebook sales channel can be a goldmine for you. This particular demographic accounts for 29.7% of the total Facebook users.

      A Facebook business page can help you in multiple ways. You can use it to showcase your products explicitly with eye-catching images and descriptions, as well as, to get in touch with the customers. So, it is the best time to take full advantage of this social media platform for your Shopify platform.

      Why does Facebook Sales Channel integration with Shopify matter?

      Now that we have established the power of Facebook as a sales channel, let’s take a look at why does its integration with Shopify matter.

      1. Direct changes on your Facebook store

      Through the Shopify-Facebook integration, all the product details from your Shopify store will be automatically synced with your Facebook Shop. So if you tweak your product descriptions, images or prices in your eCommerce store, your Facebook Shop will display the same details.

      2. Secure check-out payments

      Since the user won’t have to visit the stand-alone website to purchase a product, he can check-out through Facebook Shop as well. The payment details are encrypted and therefore, completely secure. The users can even save their payment details for later.

      3. Mobile-friendly

      88% of the traffic on Facebook is received from mobile phones, with 95% coming from mobiles and tablets combined. This establishes the need for the Facebook Shop being mobile-friendly. Fortunately, the Facebook sales channel is optimized for being mobile-friendly.

      4. Customer communication

      Facebook is not just a vehicle for promotion for companies. To optimize its strength, companies can even use it as a medium to reach out to their customers.

      Through Facebook shop and Spotify integration, the customers can contact the company representatives directly from Facebook Messenger. That’s not all, they can buy as well as track their orders directly from the Messenger app.


      All these factors are a testament to how Facebook sales channel’s integration with Shopify’s store can impact the user experience. This is one of the many sure shot ways through which you can optimize your Shopify store to its maximum potential. One that will only reap great results.

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