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      Demand Generation

      Achieve Sales Funnel Success with an effective Revenue Cycle

      Jul 09, 2013

      2 minute read

      Only 20% of marketers are able to get deep insights by closely measuring the performance of marketing initiatives. Quantifying and measuring the value of marketing programs remains the top challenge for Sales and Marketing directors.

      For transformation of marketing activities from a cost centric program to revenue driven process, you need to measure the impact of marketing on sales pipeline. With Marketo’s revenue cycle management, marketers have better and realistic predictability in sales forecast, resulting in improved sales velocity and reduced cost per sale.

      Revenue Cycle
      • Efficient Process gets more sales ready leads – In the traditional sales model, marketers rely on cold calling, direct mailers, trade shows etc. to attract and engage potential prospects. Not only this is a time consuming process but also results in many dead air leads, as they have no ability to track and filter leads. Marketo’s revenue cycle lets you deploy lead scoring process and score leads on multiple dimensions using demographic and behavioural attributes. Executing targeted marketing campaigns based on these dimensions significantly reduces your cost per sales and streamlines existing sales process.
      • Better Revenue Insight gives a competitive edge – For effective conversion of prospects, it is critical for managers to derive deep insights from their marketing campaigns. Marketo helps you easily identify how marketing is contributing to your revenue with cutting edge marketing analytics. With Marketo’s revenue cycle analytics, marketers can monitor and evaluate the success of each campaign, providing them an in-depth view of each marketing activity, its impact on lead progression and revenue generation.
      • Transparent sales funnel with better co-ordination – Relying on traditional sales pipeline leads to poor
        co-ordination between sales and marketing teams. This directly affects the conversion of the prospects, as sales teams are not updated about the engagement campaigns done by marketing team. Marketo’s revenue cycle allows you to optimize your existing sales funnel with marketing campaigns, sending mature and updated leads to sales team for conversion. This ensures better co-ordination between sales and marketing teams enabling them to pitch in a more effective manner.
      • More ROI and engagement from marketing campaigns – Marketers using legacy sales model end up rolling out less targeted campaigns dramatically affecting overall engagement level, leading to poor ROI. With revenue cycle management, marketers can maximize performance of their campaigns with steady buyer engagement for effective lead nurturing. Revenue cycle enables sales and marketing managers to identify critical lead scoring parameters, based on which they can roll out targeted campaigns for more sales ready leads.

      Grazitti Marketo Services:

      Marketo implementation requires, expertise, proficiency and a process driven approach. We have the experience and expertise to help you maximize your Marketo investment. Our team of Marketo certified professionals enables you to do more with your CRM, get better quality leads, improve sales conversions and achieve better top line results.

      Our key services include:

      • Marketo implementation
      • Revenue cycle management
      • Salesforce Integration
      • Integration of your existing Inbound marketing and email marketing campaigns etc.

      To maximize your Marketo implementation, Contact us now.

      Source: Statistics drawn from Marketo’s whitepaper

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