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      Demand Generation

      Getting Started with Lead Nurturing: Know Your Environment

      Aug 21, 2012

      2 minute read

      Now that you have understood what makes a successful lead nurturing campaign, it’s time to get answers to some critical questions. These questions will help you understand the environment in which you need to create campaigns and allow you to make a robust, failproof plan.

      Lead Nurturing & Management


      Target Audience

      1. Has the master prospects’ list been segmented?
      2. Have the target audience requirements been documented?
      3. Is the buying cycle defined and prospects mapped to different stages of the buying cycle?



      1. Will a Marketing Automation tool be used? If yes, has it been purchased and integrated into the IT Setup?
      2. Will you need additional resources to manage the tool?


      1. Is the content strategy defined?
      2. Will the content for lead generation be created internally? If yes, who will create it?


      1. What marketing budget will be spent on lead nurturing campaign?


      1. What metrics will be used to measure campaign success
      2. At which stage will leads qualify to be handed to sales for follow-up?
      3. Will lead scoring be used to measure ‘touch’ success? If yes, who will define it?



      1. Who all will be involved in the lead generation campaign – have the roles for each member been defined?


      1. Which channels will be used for lead generation campaign?
        (Email marketing, social media, offline events?)

      Armed with a wealth of information, now you can easily kickstart your lead nurturing program. But wait! You also need to confirm your automation tool is working as desired and content strategy is sound enough to give a great start to your campaign. Start making your content strategy and we will share notes tomorrow.

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