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      Demand Generation

      Increase Marketing ROI with Inbound Marketing Automation

      May 24, 2014

      2 minute read

      93% B2B buyers initiate their buying process through online search and out of these, 88% visitors land on your website by clicking on organic search results. With inbound marketing channels like SEO, SMM, Content Marketing you can engage even a casual visitor into a prospective buyer by providing more engaging and relevant information.
      Inbound marketing is clearly the most effective marketing technique for lead generation but it’s hard to achieve long term marketing goals by solely relying on the same. Today, many B2B companies are using marketing automation which allows them to streamline, automate, and measure the performance of their marketing campaigns to increase their sales revenue. Marketing automation augments inbound marketing as illustrated below:

      Inbound Marketing
      • Better Quality Leads translates to more revenue for your sales team. With inbound marketing campaigns you generate raw leads. For better sales conversion, you need to segregate high quality leads from low quality leads. With marketing automation tool like Marketo, you can identify your best leads based on different engagement activities like webpage visits, registrations etc.
      • 80% of B2b business revenues come from a targeted customer base. Inbound marketing campaigns cast their nets wide, offering limited targeting options. With marketing automation, not only can you segment your lists and you clearly know which prospects are more engaged. Based on this, you can set up specific nurturing campaigns to target specific segments. Also, you can target more purchase- oriented content (like request a demo, set up a meeting etc.) to your hot leads increasing conversions.
      • Reaching more prospects generates better sales. With inbound marketing, options for growing the number of customers are limited. Marketing automation helps you increase your prospect base by allowing you to share your marketing campaigns through social shares thus expanding your reach.
      • In-depth reporting lets you make holistic marketing decisions. Inbound doesn’t let you identify where buyers are in different stages of your sales funnel. Marketing automation provides you in-depth reporting including website analytics, email performance and more. This provides you actionable insights about which marketing campaigns have performed better, giving you complete picture of your most successful marketing campaigns.

      Inbound Marketing + Marketing Automation = Inbound Marketing Automation

      Inbound Marketing, when leveraged with marketing automation not only improves the performance of your campaigns but also delivers measureable returns. Inbound marketing provides you a wide reach, while marketing automation provides you a deep understanding about the behaviour of each and every buyer, enabling you to build long term relationships. In addition, marketing automation increases the velocity of leads in the sales funnel, while social sharing capabilities allow you to increase your reach. In depth reporting allow you a 360 view of both campaigns and prospects leading to overall marketing success.

      About Grazitti Marketo Services: Grazitti’s Marketo certified professionals implement, deploy and manage Marketo’s robust platform enabling you to drive amazing marketing outcomes. Companies like Tidemark, Appcelerator, Cloudwords and many others trust us for their marketing automation needs. We offer:
      • Implementation
      • Integration
      • Design
      • Campaign Management
      • Lead Nurturing and Management
      • Development
      • Support



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