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      Planning to use De-dupe solution? Here’s what you need to know

      Jan 15, 2016

      3 minute read

      Last week I posted on how you can cleanse and de-dupe the existing records in Marketo, in which I discussed how this solution removes the poor quality data from your Marketo instance and gives you a cleaner lead database. Today, in this post, I’ll cover some of the lead de-dupe scenarios, on the basis of which the leads are merged in Marketo, although these scenarios can be custom built per your requirements.

      Cleaning Services

      Some of the De-dupe Scenarios

      1. The solution will be implemented only in Marketo. This means if the duplicate records are in Marketo and not in SFDC – Grazitti’s de-dupe solution will merge those records. There will not be any dependency on SFDC for running the de-dupe solution.
      2. The records will not be merged in SFDC – This means if duplicate records are merged in Marketo, they won’t get merged in SFDC.
      3. De-dupe solution will merge those records wherein one record is in Marketo and the other is in SFDC. If there are two duplicate records in SFDC, both of them will be in Marketo as well, due to the bi-directional sync. In this case, they will be only in Marketo.
      4. If duplicate is between a lead and a contact, contact record will win, though this can be changed depending on the business needs.
      5. If duplicate leads are merged, the default lead score is SUMMED. Merging 3 leads with scores of 10 each, will yield a result of 1 lead with a score of 30.
      6. If duplicate contacts are merged, most recently updated contact will win.
      7. If the “losing record” (the one that is disappearing) has a value and the winning record has none. We will keep the losing record. In other words, “Some value is better than no value.”
      8. In case of those records where email id is missing, a second field will be taken as a primary field and merge will take place. But if the second field has blank email id, we will create a campaign that will generate the email id as per formula ([email protected]) and save this value in Email2 field, then we will merge those leads having the same email2, address and city in Marketo only.

      Some of the Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What types of merging does Grazitti’s De-dupe solution offer?
        There are three ways you can merge records – a) manual merge allows you to view the duplicates side-by-side and merge them accordingly; b) mass merge allows you to select multiple groups and merge them; and auto merge merges all the duplicates in a filter automatically based on the user settings.
      2. Does Grazitti’s De-dupe solution work with my custom fields?
        Yes, our de-dupe solution works with all custom and standard fields.
      3. If duplicate records are merged in Marketo, will these records be merged in Salesforce too?
        We have updated settings in our de-dupe system, which don’t let records get merged in Salesforce. If there are two duplicate records in SFDC, both of them will be in Marketo as well due to the bi-directional sync. In this case, they will be merged in Marketo only.
      4. For all the above scenarios, will there be a different process and smart campaign to be followed or all will flow through one common smart campaign?
        Grazitti will set up all the above scenarios in a single program through 3-4 smart campaigns.
      5. Does Grazitti’s De-dupe solution store my data? How secure is it?Customer privacy and security are very critical to us. Customer information is neither stored nor cached. Grazitti has no access to customer Marketo data or any other data that Grazitti reports.
      6. Why do I need Grazitti De-dupe solution on a continual basis?
        If your business is growing, your data is changing too. For a clean and well-maintained database, a basic one-time scan is not enough, you need on-going maintenance. Cleaning your database regularly helps you implement effective sales and marketing strategies. On the other hand, not cleaning your database can lead to piling up of stale information.
      7. Will we have to come to Grazitti every time to merge these records?

        There are two pricing models for de-dupe:

        • One-time Dedupe: $2000
        • Real-time Dedupe: $999 per year after we run the batch de-dupe.

        If you opt for the one-time package, we will clean up your database and hand it over to you. If you take the real-time de-dupe as well, the dedupe solution will be permanently installed in your Marketo instance and it will run on a real-time basis.

      8. Can we also retain all the activity history, campaign history, and lead history data in SFDC when we merge lead and/or contact records together?
        All the details will be retained in Marketo. After merging records in Marketo, if we decide to merge the records in SFDC as well, all the history details will be retained.

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