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      Search Unify: Helping Enterprises Provide AI-Powered Self-Service Support

      Jun 14, 2017

      2 minute read

      By virtue of being cost-efficient and effective, self-service support has become the first choice for many enterprises. However, strengthening the self-service economy through platforms like knowledge bases, communities, and help centers  has become the biggest challenge for many organizations.

      Search Unify, an AI-Powered enterprise search solution, can help you empower your customer support, integrate all platforms & sites with a single search interface, and answer your customers’ queries in an efficient, timely manner.

      Search Unify

      How Can Search Unify Help You?

      The search solution helps enterprises and community managers understand the diversity that exists within their knowledge base, and identify needs of their intended audience. Leveraging AI, Search Unify delivers relevant and personalized search results while organizing content across multiple sites and platforms. You get a deep insight into what your users are searching for. Based on that, you can do a detailed content gap analysis.

      Here are some key features of Search Unify:

      Out-of-the-box Integration

      Securely integrate sites, Communities (Salesforce®, Lithium, Jive), CMS (Drupal, WordPress), Content Solutions (MadCap, MindTouch), and Support (Service Cloud).

      BOT Substitute Technology

      Empower your support engineers with the most relevant responses while keeping the human factor in customer interactions – increasing efficiency and satisfaction.

      Intelligent Search Reporting

      Subscribe and view reports for search queries across different regions, top conversions, queries driving minimal search results, content usage, and performance


      Drive content engagement by manually boosting results for the most relevant content pieces to increase their ranking in the search results.

      Channel for Product Insights

      Leverage Search Unify for getting insights from your product users on possible enhancements and areas of improvement for your products.

      Omni-channel Approach

      Empower not just web-to-ticket but all other support response channels, like email, social media, messaging apps for self-help.

      The Bottom Line

      With Search Unify’s revolutionary artificial intelligence driven search, enterprises can drive self-service support. Empower your customers, employees, and partners by delivering relevant and personalized search results.

      Want to know more about Search Unify? Contact Us

      Get in touch with us at for a demo of Search Unify. You can also download the datasheet.

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