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      Email Marketing

      Integrating Email Marketing Automation for increased sales

      Jul 15, 2013

      3 minute read

      89% of business marketers across B2B as well as B2C rank email marketing as one of the top profitable marketing channels. Email marketing is clearly one of the powerful tools for lead generation. Email campaigns allow you to directly connect with the buyers in a cost effective manner, driving higher returns. For improving the results of your email marketing campaigns, you need to adopt a marketing automation platform like Marketo which enables you to achieve higher user engagement with more targeted campaigns and advanced reporting. Let’s see how you can scale your email marketing process by adopting a marketing automation solution.

      Marketing Automation
      • Generating more Sales Ready Leads: With email marketing you generate leads in bulk quantity for your sales team. However, you get limited insights about user engagement activities after the email is delivered. For optimizing your sales funnel, you need to identify your hot leads and then quickly pass them to your sales team. With Marketo, you can closely track all the activities of the leads. For instance, you can identify which customers download your sales brochure, view demo video, download a case study and more. Since, you have more details for each activity of your prospective buyer; you can easily filter your most promising leads.
      • Sending the Right email at Right Time: Email marketing allows you to consistently engage with your prospective as well as existing buyers. The success of email campaigns is dependent on the timing of sending the right message to the right user. A traditional email marketing platform allows you to achieve this to certain extent but is time consuming and error prone for large lists. By implementing Marketo, you can create complete campaign programs which are triggered by specific activity of the buyer. For example, as soon as a user visits your Contact Sales Page, you can instantly send an email through a triggered campaign.
      • Easy List Filtering for your best leads: Email Service Provider allows you to identify limited activity of your users such as delivered emails, opens, clicks, shares, etc. Today, the buyers are highly involved in a purchase decision and you need more information to filter your sales ready leads. With Marketo, you can separate the users which are closer in a sales funnel and on the basis of their activity on the landing page can create filtered email lists.
      • Complete Reporting for each Lead: Email marketing platform provides you in-depth reporting for performance of your email campaigns like delivery rate, bounce rate, open rate, click rate, social share etc. Marketo lets you easily track real-time activity of your prospective buyers when they enagage with your campaigns. It tracks all the steps of your user from the moment an email is delivered and opened till final step in your sales funnel is performed.
      • Easy Contact Management: Most email providers allow you to store your contacts online with their complete information. But uploading complete contact details is a manual process and you need to update them regularly with latest details. By implementing Marketo, you can streamline this process as it directly integrates with your Salesforce CRM account as well as other CRM solutions. It automatically synchronizes complete details for your contacts at regular intervals and you can easily create email lists with updated information.
      • Storing multiple design assets in single account: A traditional email service provider allows you to manage only your subscription forms and email design templates in the account. Since, landing pages are critical element for your email campaigns, your team needs to manually upload them to your website and then use it in email templates. This slows down the process as well as may lead to human errors. With Marketo’s marketing automation platform, you can easily create, store and publish all your subscribe forms, landing pages and email templates from a single dashboard. Simple, easy to use and clean interface allows your marketing team to easily manage all design assets without hassles.

      Key advantages of Marketing Automation Platform

      • Enhanced Performance Reporting
      • Seamless Integration with CRM.
      • Single Dashboard for Subscribe Forms, Email Templates & Landing Pages
      • Advanced List Filtering options
      • Better alignment in Sales and Marketing teams
      Email marketing Vs Marketing Automation

      Grazitti Marketo Services

      Email marketing is an excellent way for your business to professionally communicate with your prospects and customers. At Grazitti Interactive, we ensure that your conversation is not hampered due to technology or rather the lack of it. We create customizable email templates with innovative designs. Moreover, we can integrate your email marketing campaigns with Marketo’s marketing automation platform to drive higher user engagement and improve your sales and ROI.
      To optimize your Marketo automation, Contact us now.

      Source: The 2012 Marketing Channel & Engagement Benchmark survey

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